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For Artists/Arts Groups

National Arts Council - Arts Education Programme 

Arts educators are key partners of the National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) that provides all students with access to quality arts education programmes. Every year, NAC-AEP makes available more than 1,000 arts programmes by over 300 artists and arts groups. Schools can also utilise the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise purchases of any programmes listed in the NAC-AEP Directory, as well as the Artist-in-School Scheme (AISS). Click here to access the NAC-AEP e-service. 

Public Arts Programmes from 2022* - Artists and Arts Companies are no longer required to apply to NAC to make public arts programmes available for schools’ purchase with the Tote Board Arts Grant and can list their programmes on public event platforms (e.g., The A-List, SISTIC) and market their public arts programmes directly to schools. As such, NAC will no longer maintain a Public Arts Programmes Directory. Please refer to the Public Arts FAQs for more information.


Key Features of the NAC-AEP 2023 Cycle

The NAC-AEP 2023 Cycle will focus on providing quality programmes guided by the NAC Arts Education Framework and informed by MOE curriculum goals and holistic development outcomes as well as provide greater programme customisation that would cater to the diverse interests and needs of students.

More Intentional Design of Programmes

Programme design for NAC-AEP 2023 Cycle should be guided by the learning outcomes articulated in NAC Arts Education Framework, consisting of 3 Focus Areas and 5 Points of Emphasis.

Focus Areas


Points of Emphasis

Arts educators planning to submit NAC-AEP for the 2023 cycle should familiarise themselves with the Framework to guide intentional design and delivery of arts programmes, define learning outcomes and scope key concepts and/or skills for lesson plans. For more information about NAC Arts Education Framework, please read the Programme Design Guide.

Programme design for NAC-AEP 2023 Cycle should also foreground active learning where students are engaged in hands-on, hearts-on and/or minds-on arts learning experiences facilitated by the arts educators.​ Given the increasingly diverse needs and interests of students, arts educators should also be aware of students’ readiness and their learning profiles and be prepared with differentiated activities and resources so that all students can maximise their arts learning experience.


Wider Range of Arts Learning Experiences

To cater to the wide range of learning modes and student profiles, the scheme will support a variety of programme formats (physical, digital and blended) and programmes types (performance, excursion, talk and workshop).


More Opportunities for Customisation

To foster closer collaboration with teachers, Programme Providers​ can offer optional add-on components to extend students’ ​engagement and learning in/ through the arts. 

Professional Development

To ensure artists are equipped as arts educators with the skills to deliver engaging arts education programmes in schools, NAC works closely with various training institutions to provide training opportunities that enhance professional and pedagogical skills.

All arts instructors who conduct NAC-AEP workshop programmes need to fulfil a minimum pedagogical qualification before being approved to conduct NAC-AEP.

Existing NAC-AEP arts instructors without any formal teacher training or pedagogical qualifications can fulfil these requirements by attending any one of these pedagogical courses relevant to their art form or target student group: 

Short Courses

Programmes for general and art-form specific pedagogy:

Programmes for Special Education (SPED) Schools and Pre-School instructors:

How Can I Be Exempted?

Existing NAC-AEP Arts Experience instructors who currently possess teaching qualification/experiences may be exempted from the minimum pedagogical requirement. 

  • Formal pedagogical training (e.g. BA/ MA Art/ Music in Education) or any other art form pedagogy training  
  • Formal Arts-based training directly relevant to teaching and learning (e.g. Trinity Guildhall Teaching Diploma, LASALLE’s MA in Arts Pedagogy and Practice, Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers, etc).
  • At least 10 years of MOE school teaching experience with evidence of lesson planning and assessment targeted towards pedagogy and curriculum.

For funding to develop pedagogical skills through other courses offered by organisations and institutions local and abroad, artists may apply for the NAC Capability Development Grant.

For further enquiries, please contact the NAC Education Unit at