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The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day

The arts are all around us. They can come in different forms, shapes and sizes. And they can change the way you think, act and feel. The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day, showcases how the arts can positively impact our every day. Through encounters with various artforms, we see ordinary moments turned into extraordinary experiences.

From empowering youths through the spoken word, to creating melodies that inspire harried professionals to slow down, reconnecting families distanced by devices to helping seniors with dementia remember.

Let’s look at #OurSGArts in a whole new way.

Discover how the arts transform and inspire the way we live

Be moved by Decadance Co and Dementia Singapore, who use dance and movement therapy to improve the well-being of seniors with dementia and in turn inspire others in their community to appreciate and embrace the arts as an integral part of their lives.

Slow down with tuneful music by classical musicians from Lorong Boys and Luke Chong from 555 Beatbox Initiative, against the ebb of a fast-paced nation. Working professionals are treated to an unexpected performance at the Central Business District as they slow down to appreciate life and the arts.

Stephanie Dogfoot transforms real youth stories of challenges growing up, into an inspiring spoken word performance, demonstrating how literary arts can empower our youths.

See how family bonds can be transformed and deepened through the visual arts. Quek Jia Qi presents a collaborative visual arts activity to deepen connections within families distanced by technology as they stay in the here and now and make art in each other’s company.

Get inspired by stories of artists and audiences whose lives have been impacted by the arts

Camellia Soon_Dover Park Hospice

Music has the ability to entertain, bring joy and help us relax. But according to music therapist from Dover Park Hospice (@doverparkhospice), Camellia Soon, it has even more therapeutic abilities than we know. Click here to read more.

Angela Liong_Arts Fission

2009 Cultural Medallion recipient and Artistic Director Angela Liong proves that age is just a number. Even after decades, the dance doyenne continues to actively engage in creating works for professional dance company (@artsfission). Click here to read more.

Jeff Lai_Playing with Pencil

The arts have the power to uplift spirits amidst the mundane - as demonstrated by sketch artist Jeff Lai (@playingwithpencil) who uses his drawings to connect with strangers and bring them joy. Click here to read more.

Nicola and Ying_Drawing Right

Think you can’t draw? According to art educator Nicola Choo (@drawingright), everybody can learn! “It is a cognitive skill. There is a science behind it that can also be used to develop critical thinking skills." Click here to read more.

Belle_Aspiring Musican

Ever loved a song or a poem because you can relate to the singer or poet’s emotions? As an 18-year-old girl under the HCA Star PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support) programme, music has always been Belle’s source of comfort and joy. Click here to read more.

Munah Bagharib

According to actress (@munahbagharib), life is a performance - and everyone is an actor in their own right. This perspective has given her the confidence to express herself and forge deeper relationships with others. Click here to read more.

The Lesslars

The family that rocks together, stays together! Meet Singapore’s coolest family band (@TheLesslars). The Lesslars started out as a father-daughter musical duo back in 2014, and has since grown into a four-piece band. Click here to read more.


For six-year-old Mira, all the world’s a stage!Everything and anything can become inspiration for her to stage a play at home – from the books she has read, local musicals she has watched, and bible stories she has been told. Click here to read more.

The arts can inspire your every day. Spot these features at MRT stations as we bring the arts into your daily commute.

Keen to learn more about Singapore’s arts scene?

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