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WeCare Arts Fund and Arts Experiences

Encouraging Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Arts

The arts can improve our sense of wellness and social connectivity across various demographics. National Arts Council (NAC) works with key partners within the social service and health sectors as well as artists to advocate for greater inclusion in the arts through access and collaborations to provide arts programmes for and by people across all abilities. With support and buy-in from the various stakeholders, people across all demographics and abilities can appreciate and participate in enriching arts programmes in accessible environments.

WeCare Arts Fund

Launched in 2014, the WeCare Arts Fund (WCAF) is a collaboration between NAC and the People’s Association. Administered by the five Community Development Councils (CDCs) in Singapore, WCAF aims to increase arts access for beneficiaries within the social service sector.

Social service agencies can tap into this fund to work with artists to customise their interactive arts workshops to the needs and interests of their beneficiaries in performing, visual, literary or multi-disciplinary art forms.

Social service agencies may apply for WCAF through the Our SG Grants portal.

For more info on the scheme, please refer to the Overview and Guidelines

Eligibility and Enquiries

For eligibility and other application enquiries for WCAF and WCAE, please email the relevant CDC officer in your district, or email

WeCare Arts Experiences

As part of a deeper collaboration between NAC and the five CDCs, the WeCare Arts Experiences (WCAE) encourages beneficiaries from less privileged backgrounds to access ticketed arts and cultural experiences curated by the NAC and cultural institutions for free.  

Through these experiences, beneficiaries can bond over a shared arts experience with immediate family members, caregivers or befrienders and strengthen social ties.

Social service agencies (SSAs), and community partners such as grassroots organisations (GROs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) can apply for WCAE with their relevant CDC.

For more info on WCAE, please refer to the Overview and Guidelines.