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Major Company Scheme Overview

The National Arts Council (NAC)’s Major Company Scheme supports the professional and artistic development of registered arts organisations that represents excellence in their core mission. The Scheme is intended to strengthen an arts organisation’s capabilities in artistic/programme excellence and organisational capacity, based on a three-year funding cycle, subject to an annual review. In addition, through the three tracks – Art-making, Bridging and Intermediary – NAC sustains our support for key arts organisations while strengthening their strategic role in the scene to build a sustainable arts ecosystem. 

Established arts organisations eligible for the Major Company Scheme are expected to:

  • Reflect, express and shape Singapore’s cultural diversity, identity, values, heritage and aspirations
  • Enrich the lives of audiences and of different segments of Singapore’s community
  • Contribute substantially to the development of Singapore’s cultural landscape, artistic practices, professional expertise and young talent
  • Produce quality arts content and experiences that can be appreciated by both Singapore and international audiences 
  • Demonstrate sound management of resources and financial sustainability.

The funding will meet no more than 50%, 60% and 70% of a reasonable and realistic estimate of total qualifying costs, for companies focusing on Art-making, Bridging and Intermediary work respectively. 

As Singapore’s arts landscape evolves and adapts to the changing environment, NAC continues to ensure our holistic support beyond funding, stays relevant to cater to the development and needs of the sector. In light of this, the Seed Grant scheme is undergoing a review and emerging arts organisations may wish to read more about other available grant schemes here as well as the Sustain the Arts (stART) Fund launched to boost small arts groups’ efforts towards establishing robust governance structures and support impactful programmes that add to Singapore’s diverse arts landscape.