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Funding and Schemes


[Update] With effect from 3 Jul 2023, all disbursement of NAC grants on OurSG Grants Portal (OSG) will be made via PayNow. Please ensure that your/your organisation's bank account is linked your NRIC/UEN to receive funds successfully. For more information on how to link your bank account to your NRIC/UEN, you can visit your bank's website or contact your bank for assistance.

Holistic Support for our Arts Community 

The National Arts Council (NAC) provides a sustainable funding infrastructure through grants and arts housing support for the arts community to achieve a vision of Singapore as home to diverse and distinctive arts that inspire our people, connect our communities and position Singapore globally. Our grant support for artists and arts organisations covers these broad areas: 

  • Supporting organisational development of professional and strategic arts organisations that contribute to our arts and culture landscape 
  • Producing or presenting art and/or encouraging Singaporeans’ participation in the arts
  • Building audiences, patrons and supporters to complement artistic efforts at home and abroad
  • Training, research and development of artists across various fields 

As Singapore’s arts landscape evolves and adapts to the changing environment, NAC continues to ensure our holistic support beyond funding, stays relevant to cater to the development and needs of the sector. With limited land space and finite space resources, NAC will work with arts tenants and government agencies towards long-term sustainability, including optimising and unlocking more spaces for the arts. Find out more about NAC’s arts housing support here.

To sustain support for the COVID-19 time-limited schemes that have been phased out, enhancements have been made to the Presentation and Participation Grant (P&P), Market and Audience Development Grant (MAD) and the Capability Development Grant (CDG), to support Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) in their practice and encourage upskilling. The funding cap for the CDG will be increased to 90%. These changes will take effect for all applications submitted from 15 April 2022 onwards.    

Overview of Grant Application Cycles:

Three application cycles per year for: 

  • Presentation and Participation (General, Publishing) (P&P)
  • Market and Audience Development (MAD) 
  • Capability Development (CD) 

One application cycle per year for: 

  • Presentation and Participation Grant (Extended Play / Full-Length Album)
  • Creation Grant 
  • Production Grant
  • Research Grant 

Grant Cycle Dates

Presentation and Participation (General, Publishing) Grant, Market and Audience Development Grant, Capability Development Grant


Apply byNotified by:For projects taking place on or after
15 Apr 2024 28 Jun 2024 15 Aug 2024 
15 Aug 2024 31 Oct 2024 15 Dec 2024 
13 Dec 2024 28 Feb 2025 15 Apr 2025 

Presentation and Participation (Extended Play / Full-Length Album), Creation, Production and Research Grants
Apply byNotified by:For projects taking place on or after
17 May 202413 Sep 202431 Oct 2024

Most grant applications are made online through the OurSG Grants (OSG) Portal, as a one-stop portal for community-building grants across government agencies. Please download the portal user guide here.

Please refer to the respective grant pages for full details and application guidelines. 

For any queries and clarifications, please email

Major Company Scheme

The Major Company Scheme supports the professional and artistic development of registered arts organisations that represent excellence in their core mission, whether in art making, outreach or serving the sector.

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Sector Transformation Fund

The Sector Transformation Fund (STF) provides support for arts companies’ transformation efforts to achieve any of the following outcomes, at both the organisation and sectoral level:

  1. Generate market demand by creating new and/or innovative arts experiences
  2. Improvement in operational efficiency
  3. Development of diverse streams of revenue

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Presentation and Participation Grant

The Presentation and Participation Grant aims to enable a wide range of arts practitioners and organisations to express and enrich our artistic diversity, as well as increase arts appreciation and participation in Singapore.

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Market and Audience Development Grant

This grant supports activities to build audiences, patrons and supporters to complement artistic efforts at home and abroad.

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Capability Development Grant

The Capability Development Grant encourages and supports the continuous professional development of the people who work in Singapore’s arts and culture sector.

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Creation Grant

The Creation Grant supports the creation, adaptation and redevelopment of distinctive Singapore-made artistic works.

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Production Grant

The Production Grant supports the production, presentation and marketing costs of projects from a wide range of genres.


Research Grant

The Research Grant supports research that expands our knowledge and information of the arts and culture sector.

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Arts Fund

The Arts Fund will continue to support artists and arts companies that produce good quality performances and exhibitions for the enjoyment and edification of Singaporeans.

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