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Overview of the Major Company Scheme

The National Arts Council (NAC)’s Major Company Scheme supports the professional and artistic development of registered arts organisations that represent excellence in their core mission. Major Companies play an important role in the collective efforts of the Arts sector, community and Government to grow a vibrant arts and culture ecosystem in Singapore; one that enhances our creative economy, deepens our shared identity, and makes Singapore a distinctive city through artistic and programme excellence.


Refreshed Design of FY2025 Major Company Scheme

The refreshed design of the FY2025 Major Company Scheme aims to support arts organisations across different art forms and organisational types and better contribute to the strategic priorities outlined in Our SG Arts Plan (2023 – 2027); to build a connected society, create a distinctive city and drive the creative economy.

Based on the feedback gathered from engagement sessions conducted with the arts community, many echoed the importance of recognising the multiple roles of a company and their holistic contributions within a sustainable ecosystem. The three tracks (Artmaking, Bridging and Intermediary) will now be consolidated, and assessment of applications will be based on (i) Artistic/Programme Excellence, (ii) Active Engagement of Stakeholders, and (iii) Organisational Capacity. Grant cap will be standardised at 70% of qualifying costs.

NAC will also invest more in training for all Major Companies who can now apply for the Capability Development Grant for additional professional development programmes to train their full-time staff.

In line with the outcomes of our refreshed Arts Plan, funding will also be prioritised for companies who can demonstrate additional efforts in these areas:

  1. Community Building
    • Increase access of the arts to different segments of Singaporeans
    • Demonstrate positive social impact of the arts across different segments and demographics
    • Deeper engagement through quality arts experiences developed in collaboration with the community
  2. Capability Development
    • Focusing on investment in the development of relevant capabilities for artists and arts companies, i.e. training for the industry
  3. Collaboration
    • Involves exploring innovative collaborations (e.g., multi/intercultural or multi-disciplinary or cross-sector works), or in bringing about sectoral benefits, transformation and/or growth
    • Improving operational efficiency and sectoral capability enhancement (e.g. adoption of common metaverse or digital products) through shared services

Please download the grant guidelines for fuller details of assessment criteria and application process, proposal template as well as programmes sheet/workplan. For further queries on the Major Company Scheme, please contact your account manager or email us at