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Renaissance City Reports (2000, 2004, 2008)

Renaissance City Reports

In 1989, the Advisory Council on Culture and the Arts (ACCA), chaired by then Second Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Ong Teng Cheong, was formed to study the role that arts and culture could play in Singapore’s national development. The Report of the ACCA articulated the importance of culture and the arts, noting that they:

a) enrich us as persons;

b) enhance our quality of life;

c) help us in nation-building; and

d) contribute to the tourist and entertainment sectors. 

Ten years later, following a comprehensive review undertaken to explore the role of arts and culture in preparing Singapore for the leap from an industrial to a knowledge economy in the 21st century, the then Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts launched the Renaissance City Report in three phases: 

2000-2004: Renaissance City Plan 1.0 (RCP I) 

2005-2007: Renaissance City Plan 2.0 (RCP II)

2008-2012: Renaissance City Plan 3.0 (RCP III)

The National Arts Council (NAC) also developed the Arts Development Plan in tandem with RCP III taking into account happenings in the international arts scene as well as views from the local arts community, academia, private sector and government.