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Production Design

What is it like to work in this sector?

Professionals in this sector are involved in a production's conceptualisation and design aspects. They work closely with the creative leadership and creative teams to design visually appealing and immersive experiences for the audience, bringing the artistic vision to life. They use their creativity, artistic skills and knowledge of various design elements to design sets, costumes, lighting, soundscapes, multimedia content and more, in line with the creative vision of the production.

Apart from live productions like theatre and dance, professionals in this sector can contribute across a range of platforms and mediums such as festivals and music concerts. They can also find adjacent job opportunities in film and television projects, and digital and online media. No matter the medium, production design contributes to the narrative, meaning, aesthetic and mood of the production.

Some professionals may be engaged under a long-term contract with venues and theatre companies as associate artists. However, most operate as Self-Employed Persons and have portfolio careers, and tend to be engaged on a per-production basis.

What is trending?

Production Design

Desired Attributes

Desired Attributes in Production Design Key Skills for Production Design

Job Prospectus

Production Designers
Job Description

Production Designers interpret the creative vision of the production through their design plans. They develop their design plans to suit the style and period of the production, and to evoke the intended mood, theme and effect. Depending on the size of the production, they may work with other designers or assistant designers collaboratively provide inputs to refine the design plans. Production Designers are required to clearly communicate their design plans to the technical teams. For some, they assist the technical teams in the implementation of the design plans, resolving any design or technical issues along the way.

Apart from developing design plans for production, Production Designers conduct research and develop proficiency in the latest design technologies, tools and methods, in order to diversify skillsets and widen their portfolio.

*Specific job descriptions for the different domains can be found in the Guide on Occupations and Skills


Key Responsibilities

  • Establish design requirements based on the creative leadership’s vision of the production
  • Develop and craft design plans
  • Manage asset development through resource and project management
  • Facilitate the implementation of design plans and manage all design-related activities in line with the production schedule
  • Develop skills and portfolio to be kept up to date on the latest design technologies and methods


    *Detailed lists of responsibilities and specialisations for different domains can be found in the Guide on Occupations and Skills

Key Technical Skills

  • Concept Creation
  • Production Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Vendor Management
Lighting Designer
  • Digital Lighting for Production
  • Lighting Conceptualisation and Design
  • Lighting Operations
Sound Designer
  • Sound Design and Creation
  • Sound Recording and Operations
  • Technical Sound Design
  • Technical Sound Mixing and Editing
Multimedia Designer
  • Immersive Video Editing for Performing Arts
  • Multimedia Design
  • Vision Mixing
Costume Designer
  • Costume Design and Creation 
  • Procurement for Production Operations
  • Production Design
Set Designer
  • Set Design
  • Set Construction
Props Designer
  • Props Design
  • Props Management
For Make-up and Hair Designer
  • Hair Design and Styling
  • Make-up Design (including Special Effects)


    *Detailed lists of skills for different domains can be found in the Guide on Occupations and Skills

Key Soft Skills

  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Transdisciplinary Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
 For more information, please refer to the Skills Framework for Arts (Technical Theatre and Production)


Industry Profile

Guo Ning Ru

Guo Ningru, Sound Designer, 2022 Young Artist Award Recipient

"The most fulfilling part of the job is seeing all the design elements come together. During the production phase, every designer is working on their own little part in the show. But when we put everything together, that’s the part where we have the privilege of being the first audience of our own work. Seeing the end result is extremely satisfying."