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Busking e-Services

Introduced in 1997, the Busking Scheme in Singapore enlivens city life and energises urban spaces. The Scheme provides opportunities for individuals to share their creative expressions and interact with audiences in the public space. It is also part of the National Arts Council (NAC)’s efforts for Singaporeans and visitors to encounter and appreciate our diverse arts and culture offerings. Visit this page to find out more about the Scheme and busking during COVID-19. 

The busking e-service provides a one-stop portal for: 
  • Buskers to customise their own busking profiles and gain access to all busking locations across the island
  • Venue partners to better manage their busking locations, communications to buskers and learn more about the busking community
  • General public to find out where busking will be taking place and support their favourite buskers and busking groups easily 

Click here to access the e-service page.