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Arts and Disability Forum

Encouraging Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Arts

The arts can improve our sense of wellness and social connectivity across various demographics. There have been encouraging shifts observed in the arts and disability scene in Singapore. Beyond the rise in number of newly invested players, inclusive practices in the arts have also gained traction with cultural institutions and the wider arts community. National Arts Council (NAC) works with key partners within the social service and health sectors as well as artists to advocate for greater inclusion in the arts through access and collaborations to provide arts programmes for and by people across all abilities. With support and buy-in from the various stakeholders, people across all demographics and abilities can appreciate and participate in enriching arts programmes in accessible environments.

Arts and Disability Forum

The Arts and Disability Forum (ADF) provides a space for learning and reflection on arts access best practices and encourages collaborations among arts practitioners, social sector professionals and public agencies. The Forum also brings together international speakers to share their diverse experiences and best practices. 

The 5th edition of ADF was held in February 2023 and was jointly organised by NAC and ART:DIS along with Singapore Art Museum and Singapore International Foundation as programme partners. Find out more about the past editions of ADF below: