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Arts Culture Ecology Neighbourhood Impact Guides (2018)

Building a Successful Arts and Culture Ecology & Measuring Arts and Culture Impacts in Neighbourhood Spaces

In an effort to bring people together to enjoy and support the arts where communities live, work and play, the National Arts Council collaborated with the Centre for Sustainable Asian Centres at the National University of Singapore on a two-year research project entitled “Arts and Culture Nodes in the Heartlands of Singapore: Exploring Strategies, Spatial Opportunities and Impacts (Phase 2)”. Based on the research, two guides are being developed to support the establishment and growth of community arts.

The Guide to Arts and Culture Ecology offers tools and strategies for anyone keen to build a strong ecology of arts and culture spaces, programmes and communities, and boost vibrant public life and creative activities in the neighbourhood. (Click here for the preview version)

The Neighbourhood Arts and Culture Impact Assessment (NACIA) is an evaluation framework to support the assessment of impacts of community arts projects, events and initiatives on local neighbourhoods, public life and communities. (Click here for the preview version)

Please contact for the full version of the guides.