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Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027)

What is Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027)?

Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027) is a strategic roadmap guiding Singapore’s arts and culture policies over the next five years. It brings together the collective efforts of the public, private and people sectors to respond to the opportunities and challenges in a changing world. We invite everyone to join the making of Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027).

Read Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027) in full or download the Executive Summary here.

What does Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027) seek to achieve? 

Our SG Arts Plan will be built on three strategic thrusts, each driven by key priorities of action. Our efforts will be underpinned by data and insights, technology, and innovation, and driven by forging strategic partnerships to expand the playing field for the arts.


Inclusivity - 
A Connected Society 

Anchored on shared arts and culture

Connected Society

Key priorities of action: 

  • Sustain Audiences through Life
  • Strengthen Communities through Shared Experiences
  • Drive Advocacy to Grow Support 

Vibrancy - 
A Distinctive City 

Inspired by and for the arts

Distinctive City

Key priorities of action: 

  • Diversify and Unlock Spaces
  • Activate Places and Precincts
  • Infuse Arts Everywhere


Opportunity - 
A Creative Economy 

Powered by artistic talent, excellence and innovation

Creative Economy

Key priorities of action: 

  • Forge New Ways of Doing Business
  • Grow Artistic Excellence
  • Expand Internationalisation Opportunities 


Why is Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027) important?

The arts belong to everyone. As audiences, participants, practitioners, patrons, or partners, we all contribute to the vibrancy and energy of the arts scene. In return, the arts touch and inspire us, root us in our identities, and help make our city iconic and distinctive.


For our artists, Our SG Arts Plan charts our path towards a vibrant arts industry that provides good careers and helps develop Singapore into a distinctive city and cultural hub. Going forward, artists can tap into the vast potential of the greater creative economy and look forward to more cross-industry partnerships as we build a sustainable arts ecosystem.


Photo of Phase 2 Engagements (Whole Venue)
Photo of audience watching an orchestra. Photo Credit: Jack Yam and SSO

For our arts audiences, Our SG Arts Plan opens more channels for everyone to participate in and enjoy the arts and its many positive benefits. These include a greater connection to our diverse cultural heritage, fostering shared experiences and a vibrant cityscape that reflected our distinctive multi-cultural identity.


Join the Making of Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027)

From Catch, a one-stop content and booking platform for arts events; to the Skills Framework for Arts to elevate artistic excellence and development; and the Alliance for Action to unlock new opportunities in the metaverse - there are many ways for artists, audiences, and partners to contribute to the development of #OurSGArts. Together we can realise our vision for Singapore as a creative city that inspires.  

Explore the full list of initiatives under Our SG Arts Plan (2023 - 2027)