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Pre-School Initiatives

Pre-School Initiatives

To foster positive arts learning experiences among young children, the National Arts Council (NAC) collaborates with various partners in the early childhood sector to widen arts exposure for young children as part of their core curriculum, co-curricular activities and/or enrichment programmes. These Pre-School initiatives also include professional development to better equip artists and early childhood educators working in the pre-school industry to deliver arts programmes more effectively.

Pre-Schools NAC-AEP

The National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) provides all students with access to quality arts education experiences. Currently, NAC-AEP makes available more than 1,600 arts programmes by over 300 artists and arts groups. 

From 2016, NAC has curated a database of NAC-AEP targeted specifically at pre-school children (N1 – K2). These programmes are listed in the NAC-AEP Directory.

For 2024, NAC has partnered the following Anchor Operators (AOP) and Partner Operators (POP) for selected centres to receive funding to purchase Pre-School AEP.

AOP: E-Bridge Pre-School, My First Skool, M.Y World Preschool, PCF Sparkletots Preschool, and Skool4Kidz;

POP: Agape Little Uni, Alliance First, Greenland Childcare, and SuperTalent Childcare.

For a comprehensive listing of Pre-school AEP 2024 Centres, please click here. Interested AOP and POP centres should approach their HQ for queries.

Public Arts Programmes from 2022* - Schools that receive funding can source, choose and purchase suitable public arts programmes from public event platforms (E.g. SISTIC) or directly from arts companies, and then claim for the purchase of tickets. There will no longer be LOEs for public arts programmes.

*Schools should use at least 60% of the annual Grant quantum to subsidise the purchase of programmes by Singapore artists or arts groups. A maximum of 40% of the annual Grant quantum can be used to subsidise the purchase of programmes by non-local arts groups.

Medical Clearance: All arts providers delivering programmes in pre-schools are required to undergo medical clearance once every 3 years as mandated under the new Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDC) Act and Regulations. A copy of the medical report should be provided to the respective pre-schools before conducting the programmes. Download a copy of the medical report form below and bring it to any SATA clinic for a medical examination. 

Download Medical Report Form

Innovation Guidance Projects (Community Partnership)

NAC collaborated with ECDA on the Innovation Guidance Project (Community Partnership) for 2022.

ECDA Innovation Projects are initiated to improve the quality of pre-school programmes, teaching-learning practices and to foster a culture of innovation and reflective practices.

Through these initiatives, pre-schools can explore approaches to:

  • Enhancing learning experiences for children;
  • Promoting community engagement and home-centre partnerships; and
  • Improving or modifying existing innovations beyond the first year of project implementation

NAC supports participating pre-schools with training packages that provide teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out innovative activities with the children.

Other useful resources for pre-school arts educators can be found here.