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Giving to the Arts

The arts bring people together, bridge differences, and forge connections. Supporting our homegrown artists and groups can be through regular attendance and participation in arts activities, as well as by volunteering and giving to the arts. While the government and the National Arts Council (NAC) play a critical role in supporting the arts, arts philanthropy and volunteerism remain vital for a vibrant arts scene. With strong patronage and support from the corporate sector and individuals, a shared ownership of Singapore’s arts can be forged to build a sustainable arts sector.

Corporate Giving

Businesses and the arts share many common values such as creativity, passion and excellence. Corporations that give to the arts gain strong reputations, and are able to engage with stakeholders and support local communities more effectively. Companies may choose to directly support arts organisations or arts programmes. If you have an idea or would like to explore ways to support the arts, please email to get connected with NAC’s Arts and Culture Development Office.

Individual Giving

Individuals have an important role to play in the development of our arts sector, be it cash donations or volunteering specific professional skills and time. These can go a long way to help arts organisations grow organisational capabilities while pursuing artistic excellence. To explore the various ways that you can contribute to Singapore’s arts and culture scene, visit and read more about the Arts Volunteers Programme here.