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Sector Transformation Fund

The Sector Transformation Fund (STF) provides support for arts companies' transformation efforts to achieve any of the following outcomes, at both organisational and sectoral level:

a) Generate market demand by creating new and/or innovative arts experiences:

b) Improvement in operational efficiency

c) Development of diverse streams of revenue


What does the Sector Transformation Fund support?

The STF supports transformation projects that address any of the outcomes listed above. These projects can be

i. New transformation projects

ii. Existing transformation projects supported by NAC’s Organisation Transformation Grant (OTG) that demonstrates potential for further optimisation and/or expansion, and sustainability


What is the overall timeline of the Sector Transformation Fund?

The STF is open from 17 May 2022 and will close on 30 November 2022 (5.00pm SGT). Expression of Interest (EOI) can be submitted anytime within the window. We strongly encourage you to reach out to NAC for discussions and submit the EOI early. 

However, for applicants who are keen to be part of the consultancy programme, you will need to submit the EOI by 29 July 2022, (5.00pm SGT)

All projects must be completed by 31 March 2024. All grant recipients will have between 12 months to 18 months to complete the transformation project from the date of award. 

Type of submissionDeadline for submission 
(Optional) EOI for Sector Transformation Fund Consultancy29 July 2022 (5.00pm SGT)
EOI for Sector Transformation Fund Project30 November 2022 (5.00pm SGT) 

More details of the Sector Transformation Fund can be found in the guidelines here.

Applications for Sector Transformation Fund are now closed. 

If you have any questions, please email us at


Sector Transformation Fund Guidelines