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Community Engagement and Social Sector

The arts bring people together, bridge diverse communities and strengthen social networks. As a sector lead, the National Arts Council (NAC) advocates for the value of the arts in society through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, as well as by providing support for artists and arts groups to present meaningful arts programmes and work with different demographics and segments of Singaporeans.

Singapore’s arts landscape has become more vibrant through the sustained commitment of government’s support for the arts and culture. Our cultural institutions have also taken the lead in shaping a distinctive arts landscape for Singaporeans to be proud of including organisations such as ArtsWok Collaborative, an arts-based community development organisation and other artists and groups that engage communities through the arts.

Given this development, it is important for NAC to focus on forging strong partnerships with the wider private and people sectors to diversify support for the arts. By collaborating with strategic partners, artists and arts groups can have access to more varied support and opportunities to bring the arts to new audiences around the island.