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Our SG Arts Plan 2.0

As the National Arts Council (NAC) draws near to the last year of Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022), a stocktake of the first Arts Plan has been carried out to understand where our collective efforts have taken us and how to chart the next phase together.


To co-develop the next Arts Plan with the community, NAC has been engaging extensively to gather views across diverse groups of stakeholders. In the first phase of engagements (July to December 2021), NAC consulted key opinion leaders through one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions to identify areas of priority for the next five years. In the second phase of engagements (January to June 2022), NAC continued to sharpen and validate each of the three strategic thrusts and their corresponding priorities.


As of June 2022, we have engaged more than 800 external stakeholders including our arts community, as well as non-arts stakeholders across the public, private and people sector, with engagements still ongoing. Here is a summary of discussions so far on three focus areas:


A creative economy – hub powered by artistic talent and innovation
  • Adopting an ecosystem approach to industry development and providing greater support for experimentation in new areas e.g. technology is critical to building greater sustainability and growing the contribution of the arts to the creative economy thereby augmenting the value of the arts to society.​
  • Enhancing diverse pathways for skills development and career progression for arts workers at various career milestones; and fostering inter-disciplinary learning that would encourage collaboration, boost career mobility and lifelong employability across the creative sector.​
  • Seeding intermediaries and platforms that facilitate overseas growth for Singaporean arts practitioners, as well as developing inbound cultural tourism in Singapore, will strengthen the profile of Singapore arts and artists beyond overseas presentations and touring. ​
A connected society – community anchored through shared arts and culture
  • Sustaining access to the arts, a love for the arts should be cultivated from young and woven seamlessly into our daily routines. The arts provide opportunities to improve our well-being and can be accessed at different entry points.
  • Focusing on developing greater knowledge and skills in programme design, facilitation and the use of technology to support the development of strong arts programmes for the community. The arts can create more accessible and shared experiences for different communities by capitalising on the seamless interaction between physical and digital spaces.
  • Growing the potential for non-monetary giving by recognising new and different modes of giving and tapping on enthusiasm of arts patrons and advocates who are ready to offer time, skills and expertise to support the arts. There is potential to cultivate new volunteers among individuals and community groups by making volunteering opportunities easily accessible and mutually beneficial.
A distinctive city – where the arts make its mark

  • Growing and diversifying spaces - moving beyond market factors to affordability considerations and facilitate diversified opportunity and access can help increase suitable spaces available for the arts.
  • Developing vibrant places and precincts - encouraging development and sustainability for ground-up initiatives and communities.
  • Integrating arts everywhere - shifting from designated spaces to portfolio of diverse and multi-purpose spaces for the arts, and physical and digital spaces in bringing about accessibility of the arts.

NAC will be continuing our engagements on the Arts Plan 2.0 throughout the rest of 2022. Please refer to this page for subsequent updates from our next phase of engagements. For participants who had attended the sessions and wish to provide feedback on the engagements, we would appreciate if you could help us to do better by providing feedback on the form at


Updated as of 8 June 2022