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Cultural Medallion Nominations


The Cultural Medallion is open for public nominations once a year. Concurrently, the National Arts Council (NAC) also invites individuals with a strong interest in and knowledge of arts and cultural development in Singapore to submit nominations. 

All eligible nominations received by NAC will be evaluated by the appointed Specialist Panels, comprising people established in the various artistic fields.

Besides artistic merit, the selection process will also consider nominees’ potential to be role models within the wider arts scene. The final recommendations from the Panels will be presented to the Minister of Culture, Community and Youth for approval. 

Nominations for the 2024 Cultural Medallion has ended.

Download the Nomination Guidelines: 2024 Cultural Medallion Nomination Guidelines


  • Nominees must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore of good character.
  • Nominations for the Cultural Medallion are accepted for living artists. The award is not conferred posthumously.

Selection Criteria

Cultural Medallion nominees are assessed upon the extent to which they have achieved or demonstrated all of the following:

  • Artistic excellence and professional maturity, manifest through an outstanding and distinctive body of work
  • Extraordinary contribution and leadership in shaping the development of Singapore’s arts and culture; advancing his/her field of arts practice; and bringing the arts to the local public through educational and/or community development efforts
  • Being an inspiration and role model to other artists
  • Good standing and recognition internationally