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NAC & NUS-CSAC Guides (2019)

The National Arts Council (NAC) seeks to connect our diverse communities to enjoy and participate in the arts together. Leveraging the Council’s island-wide network of Arts & Culture Nodes, NAC embarked on a research collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to better understand the impact of the arts on communities and spaces.

These two guides were developed as a practical tool synthesising insights from the research collaboration, and support the establishment and growth of community arts in Singapore.

The first guide – Bringing Arts into Neighbourhoods: Choosing the Right Space and Strategy – provides a framework to identify and evaluate spatial opportunities in the neighbourhood for arts activities, and articulates strategies for activating public spaces through the arts. Click here to download the guide.

The second guide – Assessing the Impacts of Arts in Neighbourhoods – provides an evaluation framework that will equip community partners, artists and arts groups to assess the impact of arts activities on neighbourhoods. Click here to download the guide.

The guides presented are a result of the research collaboration between the NAC and the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities at the School of Design and Environment, NUS.