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Overview of the Production Grant

Production Grant

The National Arts Council (NAC)’s Production Grant supports the production, presentation and marketing costs of signature artistic projects across the performing, visual, literary or multi-disciplinary art forms. These projects should have the potential for significant impact on the arts scene. 

The grant is open to individuals, organisations and collectives with a strong track record of artistic achievement and production, and be able to demonstrate commitment to the long-term development of the arts in Singapore. Productions which are international co-productions should include both a Singapore and overseas presentation/edition.


What does it cover?

The grant supports the following types of projects:

Production Grant Supports

  • Performances/ programmes/ exhibitions, whether of a substantial new work(s) or signature artistic work(s), a re-staging, or as a long-running production
  • The publication of high-impact titles which are curated and presented as a series of thematically and/or structurally related works. This may include trans-media projects or publications by signature artists. Standalone publications, including publications related to Singapore’s artforms, will be supported under the Presentation and Participation Grant
  • Signature, large scale conferences, competitions, fairs and festivals  
  • For the 2024 cycle, projects with strong use of digital technology as part of their creation and production process, and/or audience engagement plan will be prioritised for funding under the Production Grant.

Funding is prioritised towards proposals with effective national, and preferably international, marketing and distribution plan.


Application requirements

Projects proposed by for-profit entities must have direct developmental benefits for artists, increase accessibility to the arts and should achieve business sustainability with time. In addition, we will prioritise funding to companies whose core business is in the arts.

To provide a clearer sense of what form the resulting work will take and the artistic merit of the proposal, we require applicants to submit supporting samples of both past works and an excerpt of proposed work. Please refer to the project details and guidelines for more information. 


Production Grant Details
Applicant TypeFunding Caps for All Projects
Individuals and Non-Profit OrganisationsUp to 50% of a realistic budget
For-Profit Organisations (except literary publishers applying for the publication of a curated series of high-impact titles) Up to 30% of a realistic budget
Literary publishers applying for the publication of a curated series of high-impact titlesUp to 70% of a realistic budget
Capped at: $150,000 per financial year for each applicant