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Overview of the Research Grant

Research Grant

The National Arts Council (NAC)’s Research Grant supports the important process through which we understand the issues and challenges that the arts and culture sector faces. To expand our knowledge and information of the sector, the grant enables academics, researchers, artists and non-profit arts organisations to carry out a research project over a maximum period of two years. 

In recognition of the importance of research and building up research capabilities, the grant also supports the preservation and documentation of arts practices in Singapore, ranging from the traditional arts to arts and communities as a practice.

The grant supports up to 100% of qualifying costs if the project is not funded by other sources. For individuals, the grant quantum is capped at $50,000. For organisations, the grant quantum is capped at $100,000 per financial year.

Priority will be given to research in the following areas, subject to fulfilment of other grant criteria and overall merit of the proposal:

  1. Research and documentation on the history and/or development of artistic practices in Singapore, including but not limited to traditional arts and arts in communities
  2. Measuring the social and economic impact of the arts on people, communities and spaces
  3. Understanding and growing audiences at every life stage 
  4. Arts and technology
  5. Supporting and promoting excellence in the arts sector
  6. Policies and practices that positively shape arts development in the areas of:
    • Building financial sustainability
    • Manpower and human resources
    • Arts education
    • Infrastructural development and place-making
    • Internationalisation and cultural export

*NAC will review this list periodically.