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Overview of the Tote Board Arts Fund


[Update] Please note that the guidelines and the budget template have been updated and they will take effect for applications submitted from 16 Aug 2023 onwards.

Tote Board Arts Fund

An initiative of the Singapore Totalisator Board, the Tote Board Arts Fund provides support to local artists and arts groups in bringing the arts to communities and creating shared experiences for people to connect with one another. The Fund is managed by a committee appointed by the National Arts Council (NAC).

The Arts Fund is open to individual artists, registered arts organisations and collectives, and support projects that fulfil these criteria: 

  • Music, dance, theatre, musical theatre and multi-disciplinary performances
  • Visual arts (including photography) exhibitions
  • Literary arts events (e.g. readings, poetry performances)

    which demonstrate a well-designed approach to fulfil at least one or more of the following:

  1. Allow audiences/ participants to meet/ connect with/ better understand people from another social group (e.g. age group, ethnicity)
  2. Increase audiences/ participants’:
    1. Awareness and appreciation of local arts groups and art form practices;
    2. Sense of national identity and pride;
    3. Appreciation for harmony across diverse social backgrounds and social values.

Applications are assessed by an independent Arts Fund Committee comprising art specialists and experienced arts administrators.

The members of the current Arts Fund Committee (FY2023 - FY2024) are:

Mr Lee Suan Hiang (Chairperson) 
Dr Uma Rajan
Mrs Chong Yuan Chien 
Mr Eric James Watson
Dr Jeffery Tan
Dr Kartini Bte Anwar  
Ms Melissa Quek 
Dr Roshni Pillay
Ms Serene Lim
Ms Suenne Megan Tan

Applicants may concurrently seek funding from both the Arts Fund and NAC’s other grant schemes for the same project.