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2D Arts Expression (2014)

The 2D Arts Expression Toolkit features 10 art activities and an activity structure that considers time for sharing and reflection. Each activity also includes group work and functional variations.

This toolkit will be helpful for social and health care practitioners, special education teachers, therapists, therapy aides and other professionals working with seniors, children or clients with disabilities, allowing them to:

  • Explore various techniques in 2D arts and explore creative adaptations;
  • Understand principles of activity adaptation and discuss how activities can be tailored for different client profiles based on physical or cognitive challenges;
  • Discuss how the art-making process can be used to enhance the social, emotional or physical needs of clients; and
  • Plan and implement a series of arts activities based on the toolkit

Developed by artists Foo Kwee Horng and Ho Soo Yeen, this toolkit provides step-by-step instructions and facilitation tips so that practitioners will be able to lead sessions confidently and independently after attending the 2D Arts Expression Toolkit Training Workshop at Social Service Institute.

Click here for the abridged version of the toolkit. 

Click here to view workshop details at Social Service Institute.