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Introduced in 1997, the Busking Scheme in Singapore enlivens city life and energises urban spaces. The Scheme provides opportunities for individuals to share their creative expressions and interact with audiences in the public space. It is also part of the National Arts Council (NAC)’s efforts for Singaporeans and visitors to encounter and appreciate our diverse arts and culture offerings. Busking acts generally fall into three art form categories - Music, Street Theatre and Visual Arts, and they take place across more than 70 designated busking locations island-wide. Today, there are about 300 endorsed buskers, with one in two buskers below 35 years old.

Introduction of Busking E-Service Portal 



Note: NAC will be performing routine maintenance for the Busking E-Service Portal on 29 Nov 2023 between 6pm - 10pm. We apologise for any inconvenience as the portal will not be available during this time.


Following the resumption of busking, a busking e-service portal was launched on 29 March 2022 for buskers to enjoy greater access to locations and slots. Prior to this, each busker was assigned five fixed locations. The busking e-service was designed with inputs from buskers who had asked for access to more locations, greater flexibility to plan their schedules and confirmed spots to busk at. Additionally, buskers can book up to six one-hour slots per day which ensures a good mix of different buskers at each location, especially the more popular and high traffic ones.

The e-service provides a one-stop portal for:

  • Buskers to book busking slots where they can gain access to all 70 busking locations across the island and customise their own online profiles
  • Venue partners to manage their busking locations and learn more about the busking community
  • General public to find out where busking will be taking place and support their favourite buskers and busking groups easily


When to book/ballot

The following tables illustrate the schedule for the booking and balloting of busking slots.

Booking schedule
Open byFor period
1st of the month, 9am Till end of the month (whether 30th/31st)
15th of the month, 9am Till 15th of the next month
Balloting schedule
For slots betweenBallot betweenNotification by
15th – end of the month (whether 30th/31st)1st – 3rd of the month8th of the month
1st – 14th of the next month 15th – 17th of the month22nd of the month

How to Apply for a Busking Card

Buskers in Singapore are required to attend an audition to ensure consistency in the quality of busking activities. Those who are successful will obtain a Busking Card (Letter of Endorsement), which allows them to book busking slots through the e-service to busk at designated busking locations within a validity period. This is in line with Exemption Order to the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act, which states that only buskers issued with a valid Letter of Endorsement are allowed to busk.  

To find out more about the Scheme, application process and assessment criteria, please download the Busking Guide here.

For the Terms and Conditions of Audition Participation, please click here.
For the Busking Scheme Terms and Conditions, please click here.

For information on other relevant licenses, please visit the links below:

Important dates to note:
Audition CycleRegistration OpensRegistration Deadline
Pre-Audition Briefing
Busking Auditions
Jul 20232 May 20232 Jun 2023
Full Capacity
24 Jun 20233 - 4 Jul 2023
Oct 20231 Aug 2023, 12noon8 Sep 2023
Full Capacity
30 Sep 20239 - 10 Oct 2023
Jan 20241 Nov 2023, 12 noon4 Dec 2023
Full Capacity
2 Jan 20249 – 10 Jan 2024

Busking auditions are held in January, April, July and October and application for audition slots are on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications will open 2 months prior to audition. For example, application for April 2023 auditions will open in February 2023. 

Completed applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis and close when capacity is reached. As audition slots fill up fast, we encourage you to submit your application early.

Application Forms

With effect from 2 May 2023, applications towards the NAC Busking Scheme must be submitted via our Online Application Form. Submissions via other means, e.g. email, hard copies, will no longer be accepted.

For applicants who are 17 years old and below, kindly download and complete the Consent Form (in pdf format, e-signed), which is required for online submission together with your application.

For assistance/enquiries with regards to application, please contact our appointed Managing Agency, Aux Media Group at, or via +65 8299 9164 (mobile), +65 6346 9039 (telephone).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I am a foreigner visiting Singapore on Social Visit Pass. Can I apply for the Busking Scheme?
Only foreign residents on Employment Pass or Student Pass are eligible to apply under the NAC Busking Scheme. Additionally, the Employment/Student Pass must be valid for the duration of the Letter of Endorsement (Busking Card).

2. Is there a registration cost when I apply for the Busking Scheme?
There is no registration fee.

3. As a busking group, do all members need to be present when we are busking?
Yes, this is to ensure that the quality of your busking act is not compromised. Please note that stand-ins are not allowed.

4. How do I access the Busking E-service?
Only endorsed buskers with valid busking cards will be able to use the Busking E-service.  You will need an active SingPass account and/or a valid email address to access the Busking E-service. 

5. Can we raise funds through busking activities for charitable causes?
The Busking Scheme is not for the purpose of fund-raising for a cause or organisation. You will need to apply for (1) an Arts Entertainment Licence from the Media Development Authority or a Public Entertainment Licence from the Singapore Police Force and (2) a House-to-House and Street Collections Licence if you are planning to carry out fundraising activities under Singapore Law.

6. Is the Busking Scheme a welfare support initiative?
The Busking Scheme is not a welfare support scheme. If you require welfare assistance, please approach your nearest Community Development Council (CDC), Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) or a Family Service Centre (FSC) for more information on the types of assistance available. Alternatively, you may also call the ComCare Hotline at 1800-222-0000 to enquire about the assistance programmes available.

For any enquiry on the pre-audition briefing or busking auditions, please contact Aux Media Group at 6346 9039, or email to for response within 3 working days.

7. How can I feature busking at my event? Can I get buskers to perform at my event?

Busking, under the NAC Busking Scheme, can only take place at designated busking locations, according to the Public Entertainments (Exemptions) Order. However, you can engage buskers directly as performers at your event and offer them reasonable fees/honoraria for their efforts. You can refer to our Busking E-service (switch to “Busker View”) to identify the buskers you wish to feature, and contact them directly as many of them provide social media handles and contact details. If the performance occurs in a place accessible to the public, please ensure you have obtained the necessary licenses (e.g. Public Entertainment License and/or Arts Entertainment License).