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National Music Consumption Survey (2017, 2019, 2022)

The  National Music Consumption Survey conducted by the National Arts Council, tracks music consumption habits of Singaporeans, including perceptions of music composed or performed by fellow Singaporeans.  Singapore residents aged 15 and above were surveyed through door-to-door interviews in 2017, 2019 and 2022. For a visual summary of key findings of the latest edition, please refer to the videographics and the infographics of the 2022 edition below:

Download the infographics below here.

Infographics_NMCS 1
Infographics_NMCS 2
Infographics_NMCS 3
Infographics_NMCS 4
Infographics_NMCS 5
Infographics_NMCS 6
Infographics_NMCS 7
Infographics_NMCS 8
Infographics_NMCS 9
Infographics_NMCS 10
Infographics_NMCS 11
Infographics_NMCS 12
Infographics_NMCS 13
Infographics_NMCS 14