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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To champion the creation and appreciation of the arts as an integral part of our lives.

Our Vision

To cultivate diverse and distinctive works that inspire people, connect our communities and position Singapore globally as a home to the arts.

Our Core Values

Passionate: We believe in what we do, and our commitment comes from the heart.

Creative: Resourceful and innovative, we dare to dream, and aspire to create positive changes for the arts.

Professional: We are proud of what we do, and continually strive for excellence to achieve outcomes that are of the highest standards. 

Our Strategic Outcomes

Inspire our people
Singaporeans are empowered to create, present and appreciate excellent art.

Connect our communities
Diverse communities come together to enjoy and support the arts.

Position Singapore globally
Arts and cultural icons and works are appreciated by audiences and critics at home and abroad.

Long-term sustainable growth
Our arts sector grows sustainably as our people's understanding of its value grows.