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45 Armenian Street

45 Armenian Street has been earmarked for renovation as an arts space in tandem with the upgrading of The Peranakan Museum and The Singapore Children's Museum in the vicinity. NAC has plans to increase the gross floor area with expanded new spaces and has engaged multiple stakeholders for views that will guide the project development. Barring unforeseen delays due to construction sector constraints, the project is targeted for full completion in 2024/2025.


Between June and December 2021, NAC embarked on engagement efforts for the vision and design for 45 Armenian Street with multiple stakeholders.

To better facilitate these conversations, NAC invited a range of domain experts from various sectors to form a Resource Panel who led the engagements above and in the next couple of months, will offer recommendations on the vision, design and operating model for the upgraded site at 45 Armenian Street.

The eight members of the Resource Panel are individuals with vast experience both in the arts and managing organisations, Ms Mae Anderson, Ms Janice Koh and Dr Jennifer Lee; independent arts practitioners, Mr Edward Choy, Mr Shaiful Risan and Mr David Siow; as well as precinct and education stakeholders, Mr Kennie Ting and Dr Venka Purushothaman. They are appointed for their experience and diversity of perspectives, as well as willingness to engage the wider community. NAC is deeply grateful to the Panel members for stepping forward with their time and expertise.

The Panel held 10 focus group discussions to engage a wide range of participants from the arts community, precinct partners and stakeholders. More than 100 participants from diverse backgrounds including arts practitioners, arts companies, arts undergraduates, arts and culture institutions, educators, patrons and representatives from the public and private sectors have since shared their views aspirations. Key ideas and proposals which saw the most traction across all sessions are captured and summarised here- 45AS Engagement (Phase 1) - Summary.

The Resource Panel convened over 2 sessions to distil the insights and aspirations from the Focus Group Discussions (FGD) to shape the ethos, programming, infrastructure and operating model for 45 Armenian Street. Following the sessions, the Resource Panel will be submitting a set of recommendations for NAC’s consideration. With this, NAC will finalise its proposal to MCCY for support as substantial resources will be required for the project.

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Updated as of 6 June 2022