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45 Armenian Street


45 Armenian Street has been earmarked for renovation as an arts space in tandem with the upgrading of The Peranakan Museum and The Singapore Philatelic Museum in the vicinity. NAC sees the potential for 45 Armenian Street to be a vibrant and inclusive multi-disciplinary arts centre with enhanced connectivity to the precinct which also includes the Singapore Management University (SMU). This vital arts and heritage precinct has also been much enhanced through The Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) pedestrianisation initiative. We are working towards the full reopening of 45 Armenian Street in 2024 and will explore the possibility of a phased reopening with priority given to the existing structures that could be upgraded in time with the opening of The Peranakan Museum.

NAC has commenced engagements for the vision and design for 45 Armenian Street with multiple stakeholders. Construction surveys also commenced in September 2021.

To better facilitate these conversations, NAC invited a range of domain experts from various sectors to form a Resource Panel who have led and will continue to lead the engagements from June to December 2021, as well as provide guidance and feedback on the visioning of 45 Armenian Street.

The eight members of the Resource Panel are individuals with vast experience both in the arts and managing organisations, Ms Mae Anderson, Ms Janice Koh and Dr Jennifer Lee; independent arts practitioners, Mr Edward Choy, Mr Shaiful Risan and Mr David Siow; as well as precinct and education stakeholders, Mr Kennie Ting and Dr Venka Purushothaman. They are appointed for their experience and diversity of perspectives, as well as willingness to engage the wider community. NAC is deeply grateful to the Panel members for stepping forward with their time and expertise.

Since August 2021, the Resource Panel, supported by NAC, has embarked on a series of focus group discussions with members of the arts community, partners and precinct stakeholders on the future of 45 Armenian Street. The engagements are still ongoing.

By early 2022, the Resource Panel will share key takeaways, insights, and ideas for the future of 45 Armenian Street with NAC. NAC expects to present the proposed plans to MCCY for support as substantial resources will be required for the upgrading project that will potentially yield increase in Gross Floor Area (GFA), enhanced connectivity and improved access for artists and audiences.   

Do refer to this space for updates on discussions arising from the engagements.