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About the Young Artist Award

Established in 1992, the Young Artist Award is Singapore’s highest award for young arts practitioners, aged 35 and below, whose artistic achievements and commitment have distinguished them from their peers. It encourages young practitioners to continue pursuing excellence in the arts and to inspire others. 

The Young Artist Award is presented by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and administered by the National Arts Council (NAC). To date, the Young Artist Award has been conferred on a total of 178 artists in the fields of film, literary arts, performing arts and visual arts.


Young Artist Award Grant (YAA Grant)

Each recipient of the YAA is eligible for a grant of up to $20,000 that supports their future artistic pursuits and development. The grant can be used for arts projects or studies that have a positive impact on the recipient’s artistic development, or to the local arts scene.

Recipients are invited to share their proposal for this Grant, which they may apply for within two years of receiving the Award. 

For more information on the YAA Grant, download the guidelines and the application form













BGT6_R 275x250

Brian Gothong Tan

DN3_R 275x250

Darren Ng

GC2_R 275x250

Genevieve Chua

LJK3_R 275x250

Liao Jiekai

WP06_R 275x250

Looi Wan Ping (Lei Yuan Bin)

OTC1_R 275x250

O Thiam Chin

TWL5_R 275x250

Tan Wee Lit

ZZA2_R 275x250

Zizi Azah bte Abdul Majid

ZH05_R 275x250

Zhuo Zihao


Ang Song Ming_R 275x250

Ang Song Ming

Joshua Tan Kang Ming_R 275x250

Joshua Tan

Lim Woan Wen_R 275x250

Lim Woan Wen

Nawaz Mohammad Mirajkar_R 275x250

Nawaz Mirajkar

Peter Sau_R 275x250

Peter Sau

Troy Chin Chien Wen_R 275x250

Troy Chin


Choy Ka Fai

Robert Zhao

Sonny Liew

Sun Koh

Toh Hsien Min


Anthony Chen Zheyi_R 275x250

Anthony Chen

Boo Junfeng_R 275x250

Boo Junfeng

Donna Ong 2_R 275x250

Donna Ong

Han Yew Kwang_R 275x250

Han Yew Kwang

Ho Tzu Nyen_R 275x250

Ho Tzu Nyen


Aidli Mosbit_R 275x250

Aidli Mosbit

Cai Bi Xia_R 275x250

Cai Bi Xia

Daniel Kok Yik Leng_R 275x250

Daniel Kok

Jason Wee_R 275x250

Jason Wee

Xia Haiying_R 275x250

Xia Haiying


Kuik Swee Boon

Natalie Hennedige_R 275x250

Natalie Hennedige


Dr Philip Tan

Dr Tan Kai Syng 275x250

Dr Tan Kai Syng

Ting Kheng Siong_R 275x250

Ting Kheng Siong


2006 Beatrice_R 275x250

Beatrice Chia-Richmond

2006 TzeChien_R 275x250

Chong Tze Chien

2006 FrancisNg_R 275x250

Francis Ng

2006 KelvinTong_R 275x250

Kelvin Tong

2006 Lim Yan_R 275x250

Lim Yan

2006 Toh Ban Sheng 2_R 275x250

Toh Ban Sheng

2006 Yeo CheeKiong_R 275x250

Yeo Chee Kiong

2006 ShaoAnn_R 275x250

Yo Shao Ann


2005 Aaron_R 275x250

Aaron Khek

2005 Alvin_R 275x250

Alvin Pang

2005 Cyril_R 275x250

Cyril Wong

2005 Heman_R 275x250

Heman Chong

2005 Katryna_R 275x250

Katryna Tan

2005 Li Xie_R 275x250

Li Xie (Lim Poh Poh)

2005 Michael_R 275x250

Michael Lee


CYH_R 275x250

Chan Yoong Han

2004 Danny Portrait Photo_R 275x250

Dr Danny Tan

2004 LHS_R 275x250

Ling Hock Siang

2004 TCL-4_R 275x250

Dr Tan Chee Lay

2004 TangLingNah_R 275x250

Tang Ling Nah


2003 KenSeet_R 275x250

Ken Seet

2003 NoniKaur_R 275x250

Noni Kaur

2003 TanHweeHwee_R 275x250

Tan Hwee Hwee

2003 ZechGoh_R 275x250

Dr Zechariah Goh


2002 - Daren Shiau V L

Daren Shiau

2002 - Quek Ling Kiong_R 275x250

Quek Ling Kiong

2002 - Royston Tan_R 275x250

Royston Tan

2001 Tammy Wong_R 275x250

Tammy Wong

2002 - Tay Bak Chiang_275x250

Tay Bak Chiang


Alfian Bin Sa'at

2001 Cheah Chee Kong_R 275x250

Cheah Chee Kong

2001 Chua Say Hua_R 275x250

Chua Say Hua

2001 Goh Boon Teck_R 275x250

Goh Boon Teck

2001 Raymond Lau_R 275x250

Raymond Lau

2001 Yee Ee Ping_R 275x250

Yee Ee-Ping


2000 Felix Cheong_R 275x250

Felix Cheong

2000 Hong Sek Chern_R 275x250

Hong Sek Chern

2000 Jeffrey Tan 02_R 275x250

Jeffrey Tan

2000 - Kam Ning_R 275x250

Kam Ning

2000 Kok Heng Leun_R 275x250

Kok Heng Leun

2000 Lee Sze Yau_R 275x250

Lee Sze Yau

2000 Lim Chin Huat_R 275x250

Lim Chin Huat


1999 - Ang Gey Pin

Ang Gey Pin

1999 - Aravinth Kumarasamy_R 275x250

Aravinth Kumarasamy

1999 - Dr Chng Nai Wee_R 275x250

Dr Chng Nai Wee

1999 - Chua Lik Wuk

Chua Lik Wuk

1999 - Henry Low_R 275x250

Henry Low


1998 - Alvin Tan_R 275x250

Alvin Tan

1998 - Gabriel Wu_R 275x250

Dr Gabriel Wu

1998 - Dr Joyce Koh Bee Tuan_R 203x250

Dr Joyce Koh

1998 - Lee Huei Min_R 275x250

Lee Huei Min

1998 - Paul C. Ocampo (too small to resize)

Paul Ocampo

1998 Thamizhvanan N Veshnu_R 275x250

Thamizhvanan Narayanasamy Veshnu


1997 Eric Khoo_R 275x250

Eric Khoo

1997 - Haresh Sharma_R 275x250

Haresh Sharma

1997 Ker Ban Hing_R 275x250

Ker Ban Hing

1997 - Lim Jing Jing_R 275x250

Lim Jing Jing

1997 Lim Poh Teck_R 275x250

Dr Lim Poh Teck

1997 - Tan Mei Ching_R 275x250

Tan Mei Ching


1996 - Boey Kim Cheng (too small to resize)

Boey Kim Cheng

1996 - Ivan Heng_R 275x250

Ivan Heng

1996 - Meenakshy Bhaskar_R 275x250

Meenakshy Bhaskar

1996 Ovidia Yu_R 275x250

Ovidia Yu

1996 - Siow Lee Chin_R 275x250

Siow Lee Chin


1995 Baet Yeok Kuan_R 275x250

Baet Yeok Kuan

1995 Ghanavenothan Retnam_R 275x250

Ghanavenothan Retnam

1995 Lim Seng Tiong_R 275x250

Lim Seng Tiong

1995 Noor Sarman_R 210x275

Mohamed Noor Bin Sarman

1995 Nirmala Seshadri_R 275x250

Nirmala Seshadri

1995 - Simon Tay Seong Chee_R 158x250

Simon Tay


1993 Bey Hua Heng_R 275x250

Bey Hua Heng

1993 Chia Joo Ming_R 275x250

Chia Joo Ming

1993 - Chen KeZhan Henri_R 275x250

Henri Chen

1993 Lut Ali_R 275x250

Lut Ali

1993 - Ng Seng Hong_R 239x250

Ng Seng Hong

1993 - Osman Bin Abdul Hamid_R 239x250

Osman Bin Abdul Hamid

1993 Philip A Jeyaratnam_R 275x250

Philip Jeyaretnam

1993 William Teo 02_R 275x250

William Teo


1992 Jamaludin Jalil 02_R 275x250

Jamaludin Jalil

1992 Jennifer Tham_R 275x250

Jennifer Tham

1992 - Lee Tiah Khee_R 275x250

Lee Tiah Khee

1992 Liang Wern Fook 02_R 275x250

Dr Liang Wern Fook

1992 Lim Jen Erh_R 275x250

Lim Jen Erh

1992 Ong Keng Sen_R 275x250

Ong Keng Sen

1992 S Chandrasekaran_R 275x250

Dr S. Chandrasekaran

1992 Shane Thio_R 275x250

Shane Thio