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Silver Arts

Engaging Seniors 

With a rapidly ageing population in Singapore, the community engagement landscape has been evolving on a national level. Agencies and community partners have been working together to introduce complementary programmes to support and enhance the well-being of seniors. Over the years, active ageing efforts from the arts, community and social sector partners at large provide new opportunities for seniors to engage in the arts.

Silver Arts

Silver Arts advocates the meaningful possibilities seniors have in and through the arts. Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) since 2012, Silver Arts is an initiative that highlights the significance of arts engagement in enhancing the well-being of seniors and people around them. Through learning a new skill, sharing their stories and co-creating art with artists, seniors can (re)discover their talent, deepen family bonds and form new social connections within the community. As part of the initiative, the Arts and Ageing Forum (formerly known as the Arts in Eldercare Seminar) also brings artists, social and healthcare practitioners, community leaders and funders together to network, share best practices and advocate for the social value of the arts for seniors.

NAC has also sought out social sector and community partners to create opportunities for artists to engage seniors from all walks of life to contribute their own experiences and creativity to the art-making process. Seniors are empowered to share perspectives from their diverse backgrounds, create unique experiences that bond them and deepen their understanding and appreciation of the arts.

The wider arts sector also makes available various in-conjunction programmes suitable for senior audiences and their loved ones throughout the year, online and in-venue. Click here to find out more about the line-up of engaging activities by key arts groups, cultural institutions, and the Arts and Culture Nodes.

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