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NAC Arts Scholarship

As Singapore's arts and culture scene develops amidst an increasingly complex socio-cultural environment, the National Arts Council (NAC) recognises the need to continue to invest in and nurture a diversity of arts practitioners and professionals who have the knowledge and skills to lead the development of the scene as well as champion the value of the arts to a wider community.

The NAC Arts Scholarship aims to nurture outstanding individuals who can play a leadership role in shaping the future arts and culture scene in Singapore. As future leaders of the arts and culture sector, scholars will be game changers to push artistic boundaries and lead their peers to create positive impact for the Singapore community through the arts.

The NAC Arts Scholarship is offered for full-time arts and arts-related degree programmes at reputable universities or arts institutions in Singapore or overseas. Outstanding arts practitioners/professional may be supported to deepen their knowledge and skills through postgraduate studies in the following priority areas:

  • Arts Criticism and Writing
  • Arts Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Arts Pedagogy
  • Arts Research
  • Arts and Technology
  • Arts for Young Audiences
  • Community Arts Practice (Community Engagement, Social Outcomes, Well-being/Health, Disability Inclusion & Access)
  • Production and Stage Management
  • Production Design (i.e. stage, lighting, costume and sound design)

Literary Arts

  • Creative Writing
  • Literary Translation / Language Studies

Performing Arts

  • Choreography
  • Composing
  • Conducting
  • Creative Producing
  • Dramaturgy

Visual Arts

  • Asian Art History
  • Curating
  • Traditional Visual Arts (Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Batik)

The NAC Arts Scholarship will also support exceptional talents with leadership qualities for undergraduate studies to pursue a career as an arts practitioner/professional in the following priority areas:

  • Composing
  • Conducting 
  • Performance (Ballet, Contemporary, Traditional Dance)
  • Production and Stage Management
  • Literary Translation
  • Traditional Visual Arts (Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Batik)

Upon completion of their studies, scholars can look forward to further development opportunities. NAC partners arts and culture organisations to provide opportunities for scholars to be hosted, where they will gain exposure to skillsets beyond their immediate areas of training, receive support through mentorship and career guidance, and broaden their networks.