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Arts x Tech Lab

Arts x Tech Lab 2021

The Arts x Tech Lab 2021 is the National Arts Council (NAC)’s inaugural innovation lab that fosters collaboration between the arts and technology sectors. The Lab is designed to empower creatives, artists and technologists to engage in innovative experiments and collaborations. It also aims to build capabilities, co-drive innovation and support changemakers from within the arts and technology sectors.

Technology Partner Keio-NUS CUTE Center, co-designed the Lab and continues to provide technology mentorship and consultancy to the participants of the Lab. The Lab is led by an NAC-commissioned project management team.

Related Activities (Sep - Dec 2021)

Join the Arts x Tech Lab Connect sessions to hear from the participants of the Lab. This four-part series offers you the chance to connect with like-minded arts and technology practitioners and hear about their past or ongoing projects, interests and encounters at the intersection of arts and technology. 

Find out more about the last session of the series below:

Arts x Tech Lab Connect #4 (15 December 2021) presenters: Dirk Stromberg, Xiaocong Ge, Bao Songyu, Alina Ling, Justin Ong, Chan Liping and Ng Fong Yee

  • More details about the session here
  • Please click this link to register

For information and recordings of the past sessions, please click on the respective links below: 

Arts x Tech Lab Connect #1 (29 September 2021) presenters: Timothi Lim, Jo Ho, Kheong Sen 

  • Information about presenters here
  • Recording of session here

Arts x Tech Lab Connect #2 (27 October 2021) presenters: Christine Chong, T.H.E. Dance Company (Athelyna Swee) 

  • Information about presenters here
  • Recording of session here

Arts x Tech Lab Connect #3 (24 November 2021) presenters: Christian Teo, Spang & Lei

  • Information about presenters here
  • Recording of the session here 

The Lab will culminate in an industry-sharing session planned for February 2022 (to be confirmed), look out for more details in the coming months.

Connect with us! Join the online Slack community through the following link to be part of the ongoing arts and technology discussions. 


The Lab’s Focus

The Lab focuses on supporting arts-technology ideas and proposals across six challenge statements which address topics such as reimagining artistic practice, creative solutions to connect people from different communities, blending artistic and heritage experiences, and new perspectives to the National Collection of the National Museum of Singapore. The Lab's participants have addressed one of the six challenge statements.

How the Lab Works

Through an Open Call conducted in early 2021, 10 final participants are selected to take part in the eight-month lab, scheduled from June 2021 across two phases. The Lab will culminate in an industry sharing planned for early 2022 (final date to be confirmed). 

Each phase of the Lab is shaped according to the level of readiness of the participants and customised with their proposals in mind. Throughout the Lab, group activities including a mid-point sharing are conducted to support the participants’ learning as well as consultation and guidance offered as needed, on top of funding support for each phase.

In the second phase, participants develop a prototype, proof of concept, work-in-progress experience, or minimum viable product, which will be shared as part of the final industry sharing.  

The 10 final participants are:

  1. Architects of Realities
  2. Bao Songyu
  3. Chinese Opera Centre
  4. Christian Teo
  5. In Tempo Silico
  6. Justin Loke
  7. Making do and getting by
  8. Spang & Lei
  9. T.H.E Dance Company
  10. Tusitala Books

Please download the file here for more details about how the Lab works, the 10 final participants and expected deliverables. 

For any further queries, please email