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Resource List - Digital Tools Used by OTG Recipients

Resource List - Digital Tools Used
by OTG Recipients

Identifying the right digital tools can help arts and culture groups improve operational productivity. This can have a transformative impact on the delivery of arts programmes and services. By automating and streamlining backend administrative and operational processes such as those of booking and payment, database management and visualisation, customer and donor management, for example, organisations and practitioners have found that they can serve and connect with audiences more effectively.

This resource is compiled from information provided by organisations and practitioners who received the National Arts Council’s (NAC) Organisation Transformation Grant to retool their operations. Its content is entirely informational, intended to offer readers general information and resources. This resource is not meant to imply NAC’s endorsement of the solutions and vendors. NAC shall not assume any responsibility or legal liability whatsoever by any reliance which you may have on the following information.

Booking System

Booking systems manage reservations and payment gateways. These systems reduce human error and improve payment security.

Enhanced & Efficient Systems for MusArt Co-Create (EES)

Company Name : MusArt Co-Create

Art Form : Performing Arts

System : Booking and Payment System by Inginim Pte Ltd

Purpose : A booking and payment system that replaces manual processes previously done on Google Calendar and PayNow

Vendor : Inginim Pte Ltd

Click to Book
Company Name : Apsara Asia Pte Ltd

Art Form : Performing Arts

Project Title : Click to Book

System : Typeform and Calenderly

Purpose : A system that coordinates the booking of workshops between schools and workshop facilitators efficiently

Vendor : Joomsphere Media

Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems manage and analyse customer data and interactions to improve customer service. 

Enhancing BAA’s Production Workflows & Audience Experience
Company Name : Bhaskar's Arts Academy (BAA) Ltd

Art Form : Performing Arts

System : Custom CRM system developed by Episcript

Purpose : Consolidated audience data and a new customer communication platform that facilitate administrative, sales, and marketing efforts

Vendor : Episcript

Data Visualisation System

Data visualisation systems translate data into charts, infographics, and animations providing insights that are easy to understand.

SBC Digital Transformation Roadmap Phase 1
Company Name : Singapore Book Council (SBC) Ltd

Art Form : Literary Arts

System : Microsoft Power BI

Purpose : Consolidated audience data and visualised integrated historical data of SBC’s revenue to steer business decisions

Vendor : ClayOPS

Database Management System

Database Management Systems are software systems used to store, retrieve, and run queries on data to generate insight for actionable strategies.

Transformation to Cloud-Based Art Management System
Company Name : artcommune gallery pte ltd

Art Form : Visual Arts

System : ArtBinder Premium

Purpose : Migration of art management system (inventory system, sales solutions) from a local server to a cloud-based system to enable remote work

Vendor : ArtBinder
Art Logic Integration
Company Name : Yeo Workshop Pte Ltd

Art Form : Visual Arts

System : Artlogic database and website integration programme

Purpose : A consolidated database integrated with inventory, CRM, and sales management tools, and gallery’s website to streamline daily operations

Vendor : Artlogic
SRT's Database Management System
Company Name : Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) Ltd

Art Form : Performing Arts

System : Microsoft Dove 365

Purpose : An application programming interface (API) that syncs with SISTIC’s system to strengthen IT security and streamline operational processes

Vendor : Customer Capital Consulting
OMM Transformation Project
Company Name :  Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) Ltd

Art Form : Performing Arts

System : A bespoke Orchestra Management System developed by Nibblewatt Studios

Purpose : A management system database that manages event administration, stage seating maps, and create musician attendance sheets

Vendor : Nibblewatt Studios
Upgrade of School Management and Fee Collection System for Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society
Company Name : Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society

Art Form : Performing Arts

System :  iEduCentre

Purpose : A student database containing information on courses, classes, fee payment status, and examination results that increases administrative and operational efficiency

Vendor : Aquariues Soft

Donor Management System

Donor management systems manage donor and donation data and can encompass fundraising, reporting, and communication tools.

BUILDECK: Donor Management System
Company Name : Art Photography Centre Ltd (DECK)

Art Form : Visual Arts


Purpose : BUILDDECK, a back-end and front-end system that develops and sustains partnerships and donor relations

Vendor : GivePlease
Arts Collaboration on Fundraising and Donation Management
Company Name : ArtsWok Collaborative, OH! Open House, Singapore Book Council Ltd, The Finger Players, The Theatre Practice

Art Form : Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

System : KaChing

Purpose : A donor management system that segments donor profiles and generates automated donation reports to provide insights and help companies to create strategic fundraising strategies

Vendor : Empact