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Technical and Specialist Services - The Backstage Affair's Apprenticeship Programme

The Backstage Affair’s Apprenticeship Programme (BAAP) is a 12-month programme that provides aspiring production and stage managers a safe and structured space for apprentices to learn the ropes of backstage management.

The programme comprises of classroom learning that will be reinforced with on-the-job experiences. It will consist of guided reflections on personal and professional growth under the supervision of experienced industry practitioners. The training equips apprentices with the knowledge of various production and technical specialties in performance-making.

If you are a fresh graduate, a young theatre professional or just an ordinary individual that is keen to enter the industry of backstage management in the arts and entertainment sector, this apprenticeship is for you.

Programme Objectives: 

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the skillsets of various backstage management roles across the arts, entertainment and other relevant industries
  2. Assume and execute various roles independently and confidently in production and/or stage management
  3. Formulate a unique individual working style through hands-on experiences with a wide range of companies, professionals and projects
  4. Gain a head start to the arts and entertainment industry by establishing connections and developing networks
  5. Enrich knowledge and skills through mentorships with relevant practitioners and on-the-job training in established companies 

Training Mode: 

  • Classroom learning with lectures and practical exercises 
  • On-the-job training and supervision in the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors 
  • Group work assignments, self-assessments and feedback from work attachment supervisors 

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