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Arts Education - SDEA Drama Pedagogy Course

SDEA Drama Pedagogy Course – Essential Teaching and Learning Approaches

The Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) Drama Pedagogy course – Essential Teaching and Learning Approaches, is the only part-time drama pedagogical course for professionals in Singapore. The course provides participants with fundamental pedagogical knowledge and skills to create a meaningful and imaginative learning experiences for students with drama.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop greater awareness of the role and impact of a drama educator in the Singapore context
  • Understand the creative potential of drama-based pedagogies that aim to foster students’ curiosity, empathy and criticality
  • Understand key components of lesson planning and acquire skills in planning developmentally appropriate drama lesson for target group
  • Manage resources and the physical environment as part of classroom management

As part of SDEA’s efforts to continuously improve the relevance and standard of the programme to suit the current market needs, the programme has been extended from 40 hours to 49 hours.

The key differences are:

  • The extension of the Drama as Critical Pedagogy module to allow more time for participants to delve deeper into the content covered in the module.
  • The inclusion of an introduction to contract law under the Professional Code of Practice module to address a key topic that will be especially beneficial for participants.
  • The restructuring of the Assessment and Evaluation course into two separate modules to allow participants to understand the key differences between assessment and evaluation.

The application window for this course has closed.

For more information on this course and application dates, please refer to the website here.

For all course enquiries, please contact SDEA directly at