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Arts Education - National Arts Council (NAC) - National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) Training Support

Upskilling plays an important role in one’s professional development. The National Arts Council (NAC) and the National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) recognise that self-employed arts educators require additional dedicated support as they face unique challenges in upskilling e.g. actual and opportunity costs to training. To this end, NAC and NICA are pleased to launch the NAC-NICA Training Support that provides up to 90% of unsubsidised course fee subsidies* and/or training allowance at $10/hr for a selected list of courses, conferences and workshops that are assessed to be aligned with the Skills Framework for Arts (Arts Education).  Training Providers include LASALLE, NAFA, O SCHOOL, Singapore Drama Educators’ Association and more to come.  

In order to be eligible for the Training Support, instructors must be: 

  1. A NICA member with no outstanding arrears
  2. Working in the Arts sector
  3. A Self-Employed Person (SEP) with no concurrent full-time employment, regardless of sector
  4. A subscriber of NAC Arts Resource Hub

Interested candidates are required to submit supporting documents to NICA in order to obtain a Letter of Eligibility (LOE) prior to course commencement.  Application for the LOE will be open until 28 February 2025.  For more information on the application process and list of selected courses, please visit NAC-NICA Training Support. For any queries, kindly write to

*Additional course fee subsidies under NTUC’s Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) may apply.