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Public Artworks

Public art can take various forms, from 2D wall murals and 3D sculptures to performative and ephemeral manifestations of an artist's creative process.

More importantly, the conception and premise of the artwork is rooted deeply in the public sphere, where it is widely visible and freely accessible to all.

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Material: Marble Location: Gardens by the Bay (Waterfront promenade, near Silver Garden) Duration: Permanent Collection: Gardens by the Bay Dimensions: 1.5m x 2.1m
This sculpture shows the side profiles of two faces gazing at the sky. It is sculpted from marble, a material possessing the qualities of both hardness and reflectivity that the artist finds intriguing. Combining classical and contemporary techniques, Vanstone subtly expresses form and pattern using exotically sourced Carrara marble. Watching Clouds was previously showcased at On Form, the only exhibition in the UK dedicated to stone sculptures, before its installation at Gardens by the Bay.
Location: Gardens by the Bay (Waterfront promenade, near Silver Garden) View in OneMap
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