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Artists Behind the Public Artworks

Public art is the approach towards art making that is defined and shaped by artists, working with and within the public domain. It is a place of enquiry and experimentation, where artists can respond to specific public spaces and engage the community in novel and interesting ways.

Learn more about the artists behind these impressive artworks.


Julien Marinetti (b. 1967) is a French painter, sculptor and visual artist. He spent his youth between the workshops of great artists and national museums. He was only five when he created his first still life oil painting on a tea towel and started frenziedly distorting everyday objects into polychromatic sculptures. Young, impatient and already a prolific artist, he only spent one day at the Beaux-Arts (French Academy of Fine Arts) before dropping out and devoting himself to his art. After several years of oil painting, in 2004 Marinetti renewed his relationship with sculpture, when his masterpiece “Doggy John” rapidly gained him a name in the artistic world. He approaches his paintings and his sculptures in the same way, covering two-dimensional or three-dimensional surface with the same effervescence. In fact, he actually refers to his sculptures as paintings. Spirited and unpredictable, Marinetti’s work never ceases to surprise.
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