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Public Artworks

Public art can take various forms, from 2D wall murals and 3D sculptures to performative and ephemeral manifestations of an artist's creative process.

More importantly, the conception and premise of the artwork is rooted deeply in the public sphere, where it is widely visible and freely accessible to all.

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Tropical Brain Forest_750 x 400
Material: Granite Location: 20 Science Park Drive, DSO National Laboratories Duration: Permanent Collection: DSO National Laboratories Dimensions: 10m x 10m x 2.5m
Comprising 30 brain-like elliptical orbs hovering over a mist of water, this commissioned artwork was created by iconic Singaporean sculptor and Cultural Medallion recipient Han Sai Por, and is one of many in her creative oeuvre inspired by her fascination with the motif and metaphor of the forest.
Location: 20 Science Park Drive, DSO National Laboratories View in OneMap
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