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Arts Spaces Tenancy

The National Arts Council (NAC) runs Open Call for tenancy applications for various arts spaces. With space as an important resource for art-making, rehearsals, programming and creative place-making, successful applicants receive substantial subsidies under our arts infrastructure schemes to alleviate operating overheads.

For more information on NAC's arts spaces support, please visit the Arts Infrastructure Schemes page. 


Open Call - 42 WS and 155/161 Middle Rd

NAC is pleased to announce the launch of 2022 Open Call for Arts Spaces at 42 Waterloo St and 155/161 Middle Rd. Application window is from 8 September 2022 to 10 October 2022. Please refer to 2022 Open Call Information Pack 42WS_155-161 MR and FAQ_ACS for reference on the assessment criteria and details on the Open Call.

To apply for the Open Call, please click here.

Interested applicants are recommended to participate in the Open Call Briefings / Site-Visits. Please click here to register. 

  • 42 Waterloo St: 14 Sep, Wed, 1030am
  • 155/161 Middle Rd: 15 Sep, Thurs, 4pm

For queries and clarifications, please email