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The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day: National Arts Council launches campaign to highlight the impact of the arts

08 Feb 2023

Campaign landing page

The public can look forward to a series of stories highlighting how the arts can be part of our everyday lives and inspires the way we live, work and play in Singapore.

SINGAPORE, 8 February 2023 – The National Arts Council (NAC) will launch a campaign titled The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day on Wednesday, 8 February 2023 to showcase how the arts have transformed and inspired the way Singaporeans live their everyday, to encourage more to let arts into their lives. Four short films will anchor this multi-platform campaign, extended on social media through personal stories and amplified on out-of-home touchpoints to encourage more Singaporeans to embrace the arts in their everyday lives. The uplifting initiative rounds off the arts sector’s joint efforts over the past five years of Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022) by showcasing the social impact of the arts in connecting communities and building a cohesive society. It invites the public to reflect on the value of Singapore’s arts, and how it can fuel our passion and serve as an inspiration to the way that we live, work and play. 

Commissioned by NAC, co-created with the arts community, and supported by the Singapore Brand Office (SGBO), The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day demonstrates how different art forms can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences for our different community segments; youths, families, working professionals and seniors. These stories invite Singaporeans to rethink the way they view the arts and explore its possibilities.  

In each story told, viewers are encouraged to find the presence of the arts as part of their everyday lives, beyond usual modes of engagements such as watching a musical or visiting an art gallery. The four films build on the positive impact our local arts have had on Singaporeans by shining a light on the types of experiences that have offered them contemplation, enjoyment and relaxation. 

A Dance to Remember

Be moved by Decadance Co and Dementia Singapore, who use dance and movement therapy to improve the well-being of seniors with dementia and in turn inspire others in their community to appreciate and embrace the arts as an integral part of their lives.

Tune of Slow Life
Slow down with tuneful music by classical musicians from Lorong Boys and Luke Chong from 555 Beatbox Initiative, against the ebb of a fast-paced nation. Working professionals are treated to an unexpected performance at the Central Business District as they slow down to appreciate life and the arts.


Words for Good_title card

Stephanie Dogfoot transforms real youth stories of challenges growing up, into an inspiring spoken word performance, demonstrating how literary arts can empower our youths.

The Art of Family Time_title card

See how family bonds can be transformed and deepened through the visual arts. Quek Jiaqi presents a collaborative visual arts activity to deepen connections within families distanced by technology as they stay in the here and now and make art in each other’s company.

Real-life human-interest stories of artists and audiences whose lives are transformed through the arts will also be told through NAC’s Facebook and Instagram (@NACSingapore) pages. These stories complement the films to provide a glimpse of how the arts have inspired Singaporeans from all walks of life.  

Ms Lynette Pang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Planning & Corporate Development) at NAC, said, “The arts can change the way we think, act, and feel. It is beyond a framed painting in a gallery, a three-part novel at a library, or a musical in a theatre. The arts reflect the heart of our city, and can be experienced everywhere, through murals on our neighbourhood walls, or from seniors who inspire us with their youthful movements and energy. We hope that through this campaign, Singaporeans can see how the arts are for everyone. This sets the stage for the next phase of Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027), as NAC continues efforts in bringing greater visibility and appreciation of the arts in the years to come.” 

“This campaign demonstrates a multi-faceted Singapore that comes together as a community, through engaging and interacting with the arts, to support one another and respond to everyday challenges. The stories that are told in this campaign showcase the creativity, resourcefulness and passion of our artists and our people, precious traits that are worth celebrating,” said Mr Chang Chee Pey, Advisor, SGBO. 

Under Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022), NAC connected communities by commissioning diverse arts offerings and accessible public arts initiatives, through a variety of art forms across the island. The arts community has also innovated and leveraged partnerships to create opportunities for Singaporeans to be inspired. The public is invited to come to know these artistic achievements and milestones through this campaign and support the arts sector as we look towards creating a more endearing home for all through a sustainable and vibrant arts ecosystem through the launch Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027).  

Follow NAC for The Arts Can Inspire Your Every Day campaign, and share your stories of how the arts have inspired your lives. Let’s look at #OurSGArts in a whole new way.  

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