Crossroads: Random Access Memory
Crossroads: Random Access Memory
About Crossroads: Random Access Memory —

Crossroads: Random Access Memory marks the return of the namesake art festival, a showcase of digital art on commercial electronic billboard displays. Once again taking cue from the site from which the new media artworks will be displayed, and at the same time the thematic idea of being at a crossroad. This year’s edition features the works of Syahrul Anuar, Priyageetha Dia, Kimverlyn Lim, Kapilan Naidu, Nghia Phung, and Hilary Yeo. The artists for this edition takes into consideration the idea of random access memory, what in computational language refers to a computer’s short-term memory. 


Sentimental Pause 

by Hilary Yeo 

2. memory, points, cells 

by Kimverlyn Lim

3. Broadcasted Feelings

by Nghia Phung

4.the only constant is... 

by Syahrul Anuar 

5. Blood Sun II

by Priyageetha Dia

6. soliloquy_bbb

by Kapilan Naidu