SAW Dialogues

SAW Dialogues features a curated set of talks and discussions held during Singapore Art Week that gathers thought leaders in the field of arts and culture to address pertinent topics relevant to the arts in Singapore and beyond. 


Art Thought Leadership Forum 2024: Creative Regions, Creative Economies

The National Arts Council hosted its 2nd edition of the Art Thought Leadership Forum, co-organised by Family Office for Art (FOFA).  

​​​​Themed Creative Cities, Creative Regions, the forum is a closed-door platform for a select group of Singapore and international thought leaders from the public and private sectors. Comprised of a keynote speech and a panel discussion, it aims to discuss opportunities and challenges in developing a sustainable strategy for amplifying a city's rich cultural and artistic content.​ It comprised of a keynote speech as well as a panel discussion. 

​Today, we recognise that creativity is a major factor in sustainable urban development and a country’s prospects for economic growth. Yet, the notion of culture is not easy to understand and has changed over time and in different places. How can we generate more understanding and knowledge about the diverse components of the cultural and creative ecosystem? This forum aims to introduce concepts and case studies to help us comprehend how to bring together areas from the field of management, governance and organisation as well as policy making and the understanding of culture.​ 

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Art Thought Leadership Forum 2023: Becoming a Global Arts Capital, (Re)Imagining the Future

Co–organised by Family Office for Art (FOFA)

World leading cities have increasingly used art and culture to define and differentiate themselves in a competitive global landscape. In Singapore, the city state’s vibrant arts scene has been several decades in the making and now features a diverse and exciting annual calendar starting with Singapore Art Week (SAW) in January of each year.

The 11th edition of SAW runs from 6 to 15 January 2023 and reflects the successful evolution of the city’s art landscape over the years. It will feature two dynamic art fairs, S.E.A. Focus and the inaugural ART SG, with both offering access to regional and international artists and artworks from the numerous participating galleries from across the globe. In addition, SAW 2023 will present over 130 arts events featuring works and transnational collaborations physically across the island and digitally. 2023 will also see the return of both the Singapore Biennale and the Singapore Pavilion Show, “Pulp III”. Throughout the year, many of Singapore’s key arts institutions, museums, galleries and independent art spaces will be showcasing exhibitions and projects by local, regional and international artists.

Singapore is at a pivotal moment. Its well-developed business infrastructure, travel mobility, and family friendly environment has contributed to its emergence as a key Arts Capital in Southeast Asia. Even as the city state joins an illustrious fraternity; it is one where all players know that Becoming an Arts Capital is not a destination, but a journey.

Thus, the National Arts Council (NAC) will be launching an Arts Thought Leadership Forum, a closed-door platform that gathers a select group of local and international thought leaders from the public and private sectors, spanning policymakers, cultural institutions, businesses, family offices and patrons. The inaugural iteration will explore the broad theme Becoming a Global Arts Capital: (Re)Imagining the Future. The aim is to uncover opportunities and address challenges when developing a sustainable strategy to amplify a city’s rich cultural content.

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SAW Dialogues 2022

In–partnership with Art & Market

SAW Dialogues 2022 features a series of talks and panels developed in partnership with Art & Market, and in coordination with our stakeholders.

The year 2022 sees us at an inflection point, made plain in part by the effects of the pandemic. It has hurled us into a technologically sophisticated,hyper-connected future brimming with anticipation and opportunities, yet we cannot deny the dichotomies that have surfaced alongside. Responding to an overarching theme of Retrofuturism, we look back while looking forward, ruminating on past lessons learnt to make smarter plans for the future.Take stock of current practices and gain insights from networks across local and regional art communities.

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SAW Art Symposium 2021

In–partnership with Plural Art Magazine

SAW Art Symposium brings together local and international cultural leaders, policymakers, as well as industry movers and shakers in a series of curated talks and panel discussions. They will discuss topics relevant to the arts ecosystem in Singapore and its global partners in light of the prevailing global pandemic, as well as its implications for the future. Unfolding over a series of seven sessions, the Symposium’s speakers reflect on issues regarding space and placemaking, arts programming, technology and the art market. The Symposium is produced by Plural Art Mag and supported by the National Arts Council. 

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