Art on the Hill '24: An Open Studio Exhibition

Art on the Hill '24: An Open Studio Exhibition

19 – 28 January 2024
Mount Emily, 11 Upper Wilkie Road
19 - 24 Jan: 1pm - 6pm
25 - 28 Jan: 1pm - 9pm
Free Admission

Art on the Hill '24: An Open Studio Exhibition

The Studios:
As you ascend the artistic hill, you'll encounter a variety of creative environments. Each studio offers a unique glimpse into the artist's process, with works-in-progress and completed masterpieces on display. Feel the energy of the creative process and discover the inspirations behind the art.

The Experience:
Art On The Hill ‘24 goes beyond the traditional gallery experience. You'll have the opportunity to engage with the artists themselves, gaining insights into their methods, motivations, and inspirations. This interactive event fosters a sense of community, bridging the gap between creator and audience.

The Artworks:
Expect a diverse range of artworks that will ignite your imagination. From evocative paintings that transport you to distant worlds to thought-provoking sculptures or ceramics that challenge your perceptions, there's something for every art enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply appreciate the beauty of art, you'll find pieces that resonate with your soul.

The Memories:
Capture the moments of your journey through Art On The Hill ‘24 with your camera or smartphone. Share your experience on social media and connect with fellow art enthusiasts. This event is not just about observing art; it's about creating lasting memories and forging connections through shared creativity.

Artists: Ahmad Abu Bakar (Ceramist), Tan Sock Fong (glass artist), Adi Yadoni (Painter/Filmmaker), Juliet Wee (Painter), Sunar Sugiyou (Chinese Ink painter)

Ahmad Abu Bakar: Liminality: the space in between

19 to 28 Jan 2024 

"Liminality: The Space In Between" is a captivating and thought-provoking art showcase that invites you to explore the fascinating concept of liminality through the creative expressions of a group of talented artists

Community Project with above mentioned artists

27 and 28 Jan 2024 (Sat and Sun)

Artist to create a cup/mug with the emphasis on love/care/compassion. To work with-BAPA HEBAT SG: Supporting fathering journey

Tan Sock Fong: ArtGlass Artist demo workshop

26 Jan 2024 (Fri), 7pm - 8 pm
27 Jan 2024 (Sat), 5pm - 6pm & 7pm - 8pm

Join demo on torch work 

Tan Sock Fong: Stained Glass Workshop

27 Jan 2024 (Sat), 5pm

Adi Yadoni: Art Jamming

27 & 28 Jan 2024 (Sat and Sun), 2pm - 6pm

 Visitors are encouraged to express themselves through painting. Art materials will be provided.

Film Screening "Reflections of the Misunderstood Mat Rockers"

27 Jan 2024 (Sat), 8pm

Juliet Wee: Tote bag painting for kids

28 Jan 2024 (Sun), 1pm - 6pm

Sunar Sugiyou: Artist Talk

27 Jan 2024 (Sun), 4pm - 5pm

Technique & Style in different mediums such as modern/contemporary Chinese ink wash, assemblage & Mixed medium followed by guided tour by the artist himself at his studio

Level 9 Reading Room
12 – 26 January 2024
An ever-changing exhibition of our local film photographers’ works. Help yourself to a print! Write a note to them to show your appreciation in return.
Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
19 January – 20 February 2024
Immortal Words is a bioart project by Boedi Widjaja that presents vials of DNA-encoded inks dispensed through gachapon machines, and an exhibition of his decade-long research into body, memory, language and encoding.
Courtyard @ Objectifs: Centre for Photography & Film, 155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
13 – 28 January 2024
Alternative Ecology: The Community offers creative interpretations of profound environmental challenges and explores the parallel role of an artist in acting as a catalyst for fostering community collaboration and promoting awareness through creative interpretations and discussions.