Aside from the efforts of arts practitioners, we recognise that arts intermediaries –galleries, presenters, impresarios, literary publishers – also play a role in bringing artists and artworks to audiences and markets. This grant supports such efforts that directly benefit Singapore artists, particularly in reaching new audiences and markets.


What the grant supports

Your programmes and projects can involve any of the following activities, and can be conducted via physical and/or digital means:


Marketing and Audience Development Initiatives:

  1. Market research including audience surveys;
  2. Branding, marketing and publicity for the arts group/company, or for specific projects/productions;
  3. Development and production of resource materials or collateral for sponsor or audience engagement;


International Activities:

  1. Collaborations with internation counterparts as part of market development
  2. International touring;
  3. Participation in international festivals, trade fairs, biennales, etc.*;
  4. International visit programmes for media, arts personalities etc.


*Applications for funding support for competitions and conferences should be made under Capability Development Grant

What the grant covers

Our funding varies by organisation and project type, as shown in the table below:

Organisation Type

Funding caps for all projects (excluding travel)

Funding caps for travel-related projects


Airfare and Freight

Associated travel costs

Non-Profit Organisations 

Up to 70% of a realistic budget

Up to 100%

Up to 70%

For-Profit Organisations

Up to 50% of a realistic budget

Up to 100%

Up to 50%

>Capped at:  

3 travel-related grants per financial year

$70,000 per financial year for each applicant


The grant is open to