The Capability Development Grant aims to support the exposure to and learning in diverse areas of functions and practices within the arts.


This grant can be used for workshops, masterclasses, seminars, conferences, residencies and many other professional training and skills development programmes.


What the grant supports

The Capability Development Grant can support your organisation or you for the following categories of training activities or programmes that span a duration of no more than 12 consecutive months:


For you as an individual

For your organisation

  • Professional training and skills development programmes such as:
    • Workshops, masterclasses, seminars, conferences
    • Professional programmes (e.g. certified or accredited courses such as professional diplomas)
    • Residencies
    • Participation in Competitions [1]

Participate only

Send your employees or members to participate




Organise for your employees or members [2] (including interns and apprentices)

  • On the job training activities such as:
    • Work attachments
    • Internships or traineeships
  • Mentorships and Apprenticeships

Participate or arrange own mentorship or apprenticeship

[1] Participation in competitions should be accompanied by opportunities for professional development such as masterclasses and workshops. Organisations that are planning to organise competitions should consider applying for the Presentation and Participation Grant.


[2] If you are keen to organise a training activity at an industry-level that fills a critical capability gap, please get in touch with us.


What the grant covers


  For Individuals

For Non-Profit Organisations or Collectives

For Profit Organisations

Percentage of Actual Supportable Expenses

Up to 70%

Up to 70%

Up to 50%

Overall Cap per Financial Year $20,000 $75,000 $75,000



Please refer to the Capability Development Grant Guidelines for more information and the list of supportable costs. 


The grant is open to

NAC Seed Grant recipients are eligible to apply for the Capability Development Grant provided that the proposed activities are not already within the organisation’s deliverables under the Seed Grant.