The value of the arts is immense and multi-layered. By engaging with the arts, our workforce and communities will have access to opportunities to nurture empathy and be stirred to explore their own abilities to create and innovate. It builds the next generation of all-rounded and creative thinkers and provides people with a balanced voice to help shape the future. The arts also capture our memories and stories, playing its part in building upon the unique identity and spirit of all who live in Singapore.


Arts philanthropy is vital for a vibrant arts scene. Together with strong patronage and support from the private sector and individuals, we can forge collective ownership of our arts and ensure a robust sector.


New! Donation and Sponsorship Agreement Templates

Fundraising in the arts is an emerging field and to ensure that your organisation maintain good standards of governance and transparency that would aid you in good donor stewardship, the National Arts Council has prepared two agreement templates for your use.



The agreement templates are for reference only and should not be used by any party without seeking prior independent legal advice.


The National Arts Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) arising from the use of this template.


By using this template:

-  you acknowledge and understand that the contents therein do not constitute legal advice and that any reliance on this template or the contents therein shall be strictly at your own risk; and

-  you hereby release the National Arts Council from any and all claims, liability, losses and damages whatsoever and howsoever arising in connection to your use of this template and/or any of its contents therein.


For the avoidance of doubt, any reference to the "National Arts Council" shall also include its employees, officers, representatives, and/or agents.


Case Studies of what qualifies as Pure Donation

During the Cultural Matching Fund (CMF) engagement session held on 24 March 2021, the CMF Secretariat shared some case studies and the broad principles in determining whether a contribution is a donation. A copy of the presentation can be found here.


Corporate Giving

Businesses and the arts share many common values such as creativity, passion, and excellence. Corporations that give to the arts gain strong corporate reputations, engage with stakeholders more effectively and support local communities. Companies may choose to directly support an arts organisation or arts programmes.


If you have an idea or would like to explore ways to support the arts, please contact the Arts and Culture Development Office.


Individual Giving

Individuals have an important role to play in the development of our arts sector. From cash donations to volunteering specific professional skills, as well as time, these can go a long way to help arts organisations grow organisational capabilities and continue to pursue good works.


To explore the various ways that you can contribute to the cultural scene, visit


Volunteering for the Arts

The arts impact our lives in many ways. As an Arts Volunteer, you can play a part in Singapore's arts and cultural development by contributing your time, passion and skills to the arts! Our volunteers lend their invaluable skills to enhance the arts experience at every step of the way. Diverse opportunities are available, whether at intimate arts events or large scale arts festivals. No experience is necessary to get started. So, fuel your passions, connect with like-minded arts enthusiasts, grow your knowledge in the arts and pick up new practical or creative skills by Volunteering for the Arts today!


The Arts Volunteers Programme offers a diversity of opportunities for people to volunteer in the arts. This includes events organised by the National Arts Council and other Singapore arts groups. To be updated of these opportunities, register online at or email us at for more information.

A Faithful Friend of the ARTS

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific has been a good friend to the arts in Singapore for over 30 years. One of their significant contributions to the scene has been its unflagging 20-year support of the NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park. The iconic outdoor concert, held three to four times a year at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, has become a much anticipated feature of the arts calendar here. Supporting the arts, said Ms Michele Ng, Public and Government Affairs Manager for ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, is the company’s way of enriching, inspiring and educating the community.

“ExxonMobil believes in making a positive impact in every country we operate in, and we want to contribute to programmes which will have a direct impact on the local community,” she said. True to its word, the organisation is one of Singapore’s earliest and most committed corporate arts supporters and its patronage of the arts has remained consistent through business and economic cycles. Over time, their dedication has indeed made an impact in nurturing and growing the community’s love and appreciation for the arts in Singapore.

Giving Back In Symphony

Born to Be brings the joy of music to youths with special needs – and in doing so, impacts their lives for the better.

Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be programme gives disadvantaged young people the opportunity to achieve their aspirations and be who they are meant to be. Through the learning and performance of music, Born to Be strives to instil an appreciation of music, impart new skills and boost the selfesteem of youth. It is also a platform for Deutsche Bank staff to foster ties with each other and build a better understanding of children who are disadvantaged.

The programme consists two parts. The first is a Deutsche Bank-Singapore Chinese Orchestra Music Scholarship, which has enabled visually impaired 20-year-old, Stephanie Ow the chance to embark on a three-year music degree at the Singapore Raffles Music College in 2015. Despite her visual impairment, Stephanie picked up the erhu (a two-stringed ‘Chinese fiddle’) when she was 14, learning the music by heart instead of reading scores. Another is a music programme for special needs children that lead up to a Deutsche Bank-organised charity concert. This programme nurtures a love for music, develops confidence and showcases what can be achieved when young people are given the chance to reach their potential.

From social giving to arts philanthropy

One of Singapore’s leading logistics management service provider, Cogent Holdings Ltd knows what it is like to have very little. The family-run business has grown from a small outfit with a handful of trucks to a listed company dealing with multinational organisations. Never forgetting their humble beginnings, the organisation has long given back to the less fortunate.


More recently in 2015, it has started to give to the arts, supporting The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF) – dispensing over $370,000 in aid of disadvantaged youths. The latter supports The Little Arts Academy (LAA), which runs structured arts programmes for children and 10Square @ Orchard Central (10 Square, which runs an Arts Incubation Programme for youths from low income families.


Championing the arts – especially for the young – said CEO Benson Tan, has the advantage of not just growing an appreciation for the arts, but nurturing a future generation of leaders and thinkers. Traits such as creativity, communication, independent thought and confidence, that are honed through arts-based activities, empower the youths to meet their potential and rise above their circumstances. Many beneficiaries have gone on to pursue a career in the arts.