Organisation Transformation Grant (OTG)


Transformation is critical to ensure that arts organisations are able to adapt to continuous changes that affect their programmes, services, operations and strategies for growth. It is also important to ensure that arts organisations remain resilient and are able to recover from COVID-19.


The Organisation Transformation Grant (OTG) (formerly known as the Business Transformation Grant) is introduced to support grounds-up interests by arts organisations for the digital and non-digital aspects of transformation. The OTG also encourages arts and culture organisations to come together to address common painpoints and co-create solutions.


The OTG will provide a grant quantum of up to $30,000 per project for company-specific business transformation efforts, and up to $200,000 per project for co-solutioning projects involving multiple arts organisations, or for projects with potential for wider industry spin-offs. 


  Grant Details  

Eligibility Criteria


The OTG is a time-limited scheme open to:


  1. Arts and culture organisations that are NAC Major Companies or Seed Grant (MCSG) recipients (as of 1 April 2021).
  2. All other arts and culture organisations that are registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or with the Registry of Societies. Organisations must have organised at least one public arts event or programme (e.g. performance, exhibition, festival, conference, workshops, including publishing an NAC-supported title) in the last 12 months.

Non-arts and culture organisations that support and work with arts organisations for the benefit of the arts sector are also eligible.


Note: Both non-profit and for-profit organisations can apply. MCCY/NAC-owned organisations e.g. AHL, TECL, SAM, Gallery, SCCC, STPI, SCO, SSO are not eligible for the grant.

Project Type and Support


The grant aims to support grounds-up interests by arts organisations with up to 80% of supportable costs along 2 tracks:



Track A: Organisation-specific transformation efforts

up to $30,000 per project

Consultancy support from a panel of NAC-appointed consultants during the pre-application stage. Applicants who are interested to tap on the panel will be required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to NAC.


Please refer to Grant Guidelines for more information.


Please refer to the Ideation Phase & Panel of Consultants section below for the EOI submission form and more details of the consultants appointed.

Track B: Arts and culture organisations or collaborators coming together or co-solutioning to address common challenges

up to $200,000 per project

Transformation can involve digital or non-digital related aspects of changes and shifts. The scope and focus of transformation may involve one or more of the following four pillars of transformation:

Projects must articulate the following points:

  • What is the arts-related (organisation) transformation problem statement to be addressed
  • How the proposed project will address the issue
  • What the intended transformation outcome(s) are and how the transformation outcomes could be sustained to have an impact on the organisation / sector beyond the grant funding period itself.

Expected Deliverables


  1. Proof of completion of transformation (e.g. proof of concept, minimum viable product, WIP output, survey results, UAT documentation, draft benchmarks and codes of practice)
  2. Post-project Report, Financial and Audit Reports
  3. Sharing of transformation learnings with wider industry (to be organised by NAC)


At application point, applicants will also be asked to suggest measures of effort and/or impact, especially if the examples below do not encompass what the applicant hopes to measure. If applicants are successful, at project completion stage, grant recipients will be required to report on the measures in their post-project report.


  • Quantitative Examples – Project report detailing % cost/time savings, % increase in revenue, % increase in digital reach, amount of post-transformation investment that the project attracted vis-à-vis OTG funding
  • Qualitative Examples – User/Audience/Stakeholder’s qualitative feedback, take-up of a programme/transformed process


The OTG's 3 Phases


  1. Engagement with arts community to co-create grant
  2. Ideation with Panel of Consultants
    NAC-appointed Panel of Consultants will work with selected grant applicants through workshops, to support the applicant in defining and scoping clear transformation goals, plans and outcomes. (Note: It is not compulsory for all applicants to work with a consultant, or with NAC's appointed consultants)
  3. Execution of projects
    Successful recipients of OTG can choose to work with the same consultant from or other consultants/experts/ developers of their choice to execute the transformation

Application Windows


Grant application will open from 15 June 2021 and will close on 1 September 2021 (5.00pm SGT). There will be three application windows during this period, and depending on the window, grant recipients will have approximately six to eight months to complete the transformation project. All projects should be completed by 31 March 2022.


Please apply within the following grant application windows. Late applications will not be accepted.


Assessment windows

Submissions received by

Notified* of application outcome by

Time Frame to complete transformation project

1st application window

1 Jul 2021, 5pm

Week of 2 Aug 2021

8 months

2nd application window

1 Aug 2021, 5pm

Week of 30 Aug 2021

7 months

3rd application window

1 Sep 2021, 5pm

Due to the large volume of applications received for the OTG, notification of the successful applications will take place over 2 windows:


-Week of 18 Oct 2021

-Week of 1 Nov 2021

5 - 5.5 months

*the notification period was updated on 7 September 2021

Do allow approximately five weeks for NAC to process your application and make its funding decision. Should NAC assess that applications in the earlier windows require further clarification and planning, NAC may direct these applicants to the subsequent application windows accordingly.
Submissions for the Expression of Interest (EOI) for consultancy support should be made no later than 15 July 2021. Please refer to the Ideation Phase & Panel of Consultants section below for more information.

  How to Apply  

Please submit your grant application through our online application form here: Apply Now
Applicants will need to complete the application on FormSG in one sitting, therefore please ensure that you have the following compulsory documents ready:


  • OTG Project Proposal
  • OTG Budget Form
  • CVs of key parties involved


Applications that do not contain one or more of these three documents will be deemed as incomplete and will be rejected.

Important: FormSG has a 20MB limit for attachments (proposal, budget, CVs, supporting documents). Images will be auto-compressed to 1024x768 resolution, which will typically be less than 1 MB. Applicants are advised to submit their documents in a zipped file. Applications with file sizes which exceed the 20MB limit will not be able to successfully submit the online application.

  Ideation Phase & Panel of Consultants  

As part of the additional resources from NAC to support transformation projects, interested applicants can apply to receive consultancy support from a panel of NAC-appointed consultants during the pre-application and ideation stage of the OTG. NAC will fully fund the consultant’s fees for this pre-application phase, and match a suitable consultant to the arts organisation where relevant. It is not compulsory for grant applicants to work with a consultant, or with NAC’s appointed consultants.


NAC Panel of Consultants and Consultants’ Role

The list of Consultants in the Panel have experience in various areas of industry and enterprise transformation across private and public sectors and details on their work and experiences, including their applicability to the various Transformation pillars are below:




Transformation Pillar


Additional Details

1 Chemistry Team Pte Ltd People, Processes, Systems, Products Download


2 Desire Lines Pte Ltd People, Processes, Products



3 Empact Pte Ltd People, Processes, Systems, Products



4 In The Wild Pte Ltd People, Systems, Processes



5 PebbleRoad Pte Ltd People, Processes, Systems, Products



6 ThinkPlace Singapore Pte Ltd People, Processes, Systems, Products




The Panel of Consultants will work alongside interested OTG applicants across a maximum of 2 x 2hr ideation workshops per project group before they submit the grant application. The support provided during the pre-application and ideation phase serve to assist arts organisations to sharpen and refine their scope for transformation, and to crystallise their transformation ideas into implementable proposals with articulation of possible outcomes. NAC will fully pay the consultant’s fees for this phase and match a suitable consultant to the arts organisation where relevant. However, if arts organisations would like to work with their own consultants as part of their transformation efforts, they can proceed to engage and pay for those consultancies independently.


Applicants will be expected to form and write their own grant applications after this phase.

Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

Applicants who are keen to tap on the Panel of Consultants will be required to submit an EOI no later than 15 July 2021, 5pm. The EOI form is available here. You should have the following information ready:


  1. Transformation project brief – including potential problem statement, objectives of transformation, intended transformation outcomes
  2. Potential impact of project on their organisation and/or the arts sector
  3. Choice of top 2 consultants and reasons for the choices


NAC will review the expressions of interest and match one consultant to the relevant applicant(s) for suitable projects that require consultancy. In consideration of limited time and resources, not all submissions of EOIs will be matched to a consultant.


NAC will look at the applications from the EOI for consultancy and will prioritise the following:


  1. A spectrum of projects across the four transformation pillars of People, Product, Processes and Systems
  2. Project ideas that reflect the priority areas highlighted in Section 1F of the OTG Grant Guidelines

  Contact Us & Mailing List  

Contact Information

Should you have any queries or require clarifications, please email us at and we will respond via email or assign an NAC officer to speak with you.


Communities & Connections Mailing List 

We have received feedback from the OTG engagement sessions that many in the arts sector would like to connect with each other to share resources, contacts, and put up their ideas and needs for others to respond to.


In response to the many requests for such a shared platform, NAC is piloting a shared Google document to facilitate connecting different practitioners and stakeholders with each other, for the purpose of supporting innovation and transformation efforts in the arts sector.


We invite both the arts sector, and others from outside the sector (e.g. experts and service providers from technology, legal, finance, business sectors) to share their resources and contact information through this document. Please sign up here to receive access to this shared Google document. Once you do so, we invite you to respectfully contribute and add to this document, to share and receive resources and support from your peers and potential collaborators. 


Last updated on 7 September 2021