The arts is a cherished national resource. Together, the people, public and private sectors are stakeholders of a future made better by the arts. But what’s the best way to share its value and benefits with Singaporeans?


To find out, we conducted a research study that aimed to understand Singaporeans’ attitudes towards the arts and how we can make the arts relevant to their lives. Read our research report to see what was done:



The following message matrix highlights the most prevailing sentiment towards the arts for each particular demographic group: 





The key ideas conveyed through the messages are Creativity, Self-Expression and Identity and they impact several areas.


National Economy/Nation Building 

The economic contributions of the arts and cultural sector must not be overlooked. Total operating receipts for the arts and cultural sector stood at S$6.69 billion in 2013. Our total funding into the arts sector in FY13/14, at S$32.6 million, is excellent value for money.


Our cultural development in the past 50 years has also produced a uniquely Singaporean cultural canon and a shared heritage that we can be proud of. The arts serve to strengthen the understanding of an individual’s identity by developing an awareness of one’s cultural heritage which can also bridge differences by highlighting commonalities, bringing different communities closer. The role for the arts to create community cohesion and instill civic pride is an increasingly important one.


Our arts and culture enhances Singapore’s reputation abroad. We have built up a reputation globally for our multiculturalism – with strong roots in our Asian cultures, an interest in the Western world and a cosmopolitan outlook. Our geographical location also means Singapore is a natural gateway to the region, an access point to other Asian cultures, traditions and artistic practices. With these convenient connections, Singapore has become a place where artists and practitioners from the region can come to share ideas, knowledge and skills.


Education & Personal Development
The arts nurture our young into well-rounded individuals, cultivate our capacity to explore, innovate and express ourselves, and grow our appreciation of different backgrounds and diversity. 


Health & Well-Being
We can use the arts for wellness, intervention and rehabilitation among the underserved communities, and showcase the meaningful possibilities seniors in the arts


The NAC is exploring studies that measure the impact of arts and culture on specific groups in Singpaore's society. In the meantime, these impact studies shed light on the value of arts and culture:


  1. Art for Art’s Sake?: The Impact of Arts Education
  2. Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Arts Education
  3. Art-Making or Place-Making? The Relationship between Open-Air Performance Venues and Neighbourhood Change