COVID-19 Arts Consumption Study




Arts in the Post-Pandemic Normal – 5 Macro Trends to Watch

The following report explores macro trends of how arts consumption could unfold, with the COVID-19 pandemic signalling a new normal of disruptions and discontinuities.


Download the report here: Arts in the Post-Pandemic Normal – 5 Macro Trends to Watch



Emerging from the Pandemic – A special report with highlights from the 2019 Population Survey on the Arts

The emergence of COVID-19 brought sudden and widespread changes to the way we lived, worked and played. In Singapore, this came after physical arts attendance had risen to a high of 69% in 2019. NAC’s COVID-19 Arts Consumption Study, which examined people’s online engagement with the arts during the pandemic, revealed that 88% of Singaporeans engaged with the arts online, motivated by novel experiences and for their mental well-being. This report explores how difficulties can be transformed into innovation, for the arts to thrive post-pandemic.


Download the report here: Emerging From the Pandemic 


In Real Life: Mapping digital cultural engagement in the first decades of the 21st Century

The following report explores arts and cultural participation in an environment increasingly influenced by digital technology. 

Produced through a partnership between the Australia Council for the Arts and National Arts Council Singapore, the report provides insights and guidance for the cultural and creative industries as they grapple with the implications of digital transformation. The research is based on a wide-ranging literature review including scholarly articles, books, industry reports and media articles.


Download the report here: In Real Life