Further deferment of the FY2022 Seed Grant application cycle


In FY21, the Seed Grant Scheme application cycle was deferred for a review to ensure the scheme is robust and stays relevant to the arts sector.


As a result of Covid-19 and its severe impact on the arts sector, NAC has focussed our efforts in 2020 on rolling out measures under the Arts and Culture Resilience Package (ACRP) to support existing companies. In the current climate, the foremost concern is to ensure the sustainability of the core companies of the arts sector and protect livelihoods. Our key task is to support the companies in transforming their business models to continue creating and presenting art to better engage audiences.


As such, it is necessary for NAC to further study the current operating environment, as well as the needs of new arts organisations in order to grow and thrive in an evolving ecosystem. Artists and arts groups can continue to apply to NAC’s other existing grants as well as the new grants introduced as part of the enhanced ACRP.


More details will be shared in due course and if you wish to seek clarifications, please contact nac_seedgrant@nac.gov.sg.